Katha Ankahee 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 22nd May 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 22nd May 2023 episode starts with Katha getting a text on her phone that states the parent-teacher meeting is scheduled for the next day.

Her eyes fall on a poster nearby that has a quotation about fathers which instantly reminds her of Viaan holding the baby girl.

On the other hand, Kavita walks into Amrita’s hospital cabin to ask Viaan about what he is doing in the hospital.

Viaan happily introduces Kavita to Amrita and the baby girl, explaining that she is Keith’s wife.

At the same time, Keith arrives in the room sheepishly while Amrita claims that Viaan was here only because of Katha.

Hearing this, Kavita’s expression instantly changes into a suspicious one and Viaan also looks up to observe Kavita’s face.

Meanwhile, in Earthcon, Katha enters Ehsan’s cabin, asking him to be her friend for today as she needs to talk to him.

She explains to Ehsan how she yelled at Viaan during their Lonavla project when he tried to bring up a playground idea about the kids.

Katha further states that even though she apologized for telling Viaan that he does not know anything about fatherhood yet it seems like she has unlocked Viaan’s father-related trauma.

When she mentions that today she saw Viaan playing with a baby in the hospital, Ehsan's face instantly lights up.

He starts explaining to Katha how her harsh criticism has pushed Viaan to take good decisions in life as now Viaan has forgiven Viraj Raghuvanshi and also met Seema.

After hearing all this, Katha’s mouth falls open in surprise but the guilt feeling of unlocking the trauma inside Viaan does not leave her.

Looking at Katha’s face, Ehsan excitedly exclaims that earlier Viaan used to hate women but now, he went to help Amrita after just one call.

Katha listens quietly as Ehsan goes on to say that Viaan is doing everything to become a better version of himself.

On the other hand, Kavita questions Viaan about why he is not leaving Katha alone as Katha has made it clear that only Aarav and Aditya are the two men in her life.

Viaan replies that he only has a hope while Kavita replies that hope is a very powerful thing as it can break two people’s hearts.

He calmly states that he does not think he can be a father figure for Aarav as Katha has played the role for a very long time.

Kavita again asks Viaan about what he will do if Katha does not give him any chance in his life.

Viaan honestly replies that he does not know as Katha has shown him a way to escape his darkness.

Finally, after hearing Viaan's side of the story, Kavita asks him if he is making a gentleman's promise and Viaan nods his head.

Kavita rubs Viaan's cheeks lovingly, indicating that she has accepted him and Viaan stares at Kavita with appreciation.

However, Reet watches this from a distance and thinks to investigate this matter.

Back at Earthcon, Katha makes Ehsan understand that she does not want Viaan to walk toward a door that has a big wall in front of it.

Meanwhile, Ehsan urges Katha not to worry since Viaan is aware of his practical situation and he has accepted it happily.

Later that evening, Katha finds Viaan excitedly packing some gifts and she walks out of his cabin after informing him about the Lonavla project.

On the other hand, Kavita does not tell Kailash about meeting Viaan which interests Reet.

Meanwhile, Neerja tells Katha that when people like Robin befriend kids, it naturally means they are seeking innocent bonding when Katha expresses her worry about Aarav having an older friend.

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