Katha Ankahee 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 23rd May 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Katha telling Neerja that she is not questioning Robin but only saying that Aarav should play with children of his age. 

Meanwhile, Neerja questions her attitude and asks if they are not friends too despite their age differences. 

She also tells her that Aarav is trying to fill the space in his life by forming a friendship with Viaan and she should be happy.

Aarav Meets Viaan

The next day, Aarav is elated to see Viaan and tells him that he missed him so much while Viaan also tells him that he missed him too.

Viaan asks about Aarav’s health and Aarav tells him that with him around, he will get better. 

Just then, Aarav’s friends mock Aarav's physique while Viaan helps him out by falling down with Aarav’s punch. 

Katha Suggests Carrrot Approach

Meanwhile, the principal at Aarav's school welcomes the parents to discuss the children’s issues. 

She tells them about a student having a nervous breakdown during the exam and wanting to address this issue so it never happens again. 

One father tells the teacher that they should prepare students to handle pressure and not make them a softie. 

Meanwhile, Katha tells them that there are two ways to move a donkey either by a stick or by carrot. 

Similarly, if they take the carrot approach then the child will have to work on the basis of motivation and the child will want to work for a better future. 

She also tells them that the only way to achieve this is through communication between teachers and parents. 

Reet Tries to Pry About Viaan

Elsewhere, Reet asks Kavita about her meeting with Viaan at the hospital and why is she not telling anything to Kailash. 

As Reet offers to become Kavita’s confidante, Kavita takes offence at Reet eavesdropping on her and Kailash’s conversation and tells Reet that she did not think it's important to share about Viaan with Kailass. 

Reet has no compunction about eavesdropping on their conversation and plans to make Kavita confess to Kailash on her own. 

Meanwhile, Viaan is talking to Amrita over video call and expresses his worry about Amrita looking tired. 

Amrita tells him that these are the most tiring days but the best days of their life too and that he should come soon for a visit as the baby is already missing him. 

Meanwhile, Katha stops seeing Viaan cooing at the baby on the phone and suggesting funny names which brings a smile to her face. 

Just then Amrita asks him about Katha which makes Viaan nervous and stops Katha in her tracks. 

Viaan tries to signal Amrita to stop but she goes on blessing him to have a similar experience soon. 

Turning his head left and right, Viaan finally tells Amrita to be quiet as he is at the office and someone might overhear her. 

Amrita apologizes and tells him that she is also going to sleep as she hadn’t slept a wink the whole night. 

Viaan asks about Keith and tells Amrita to hire a nanny to help her out. 

Amrita tells him that she is exploring agencies but does not want to hurry the process but he is welcome to make suggestions. 

Viaan gets sarcastic and tells her that he will send a nanny of ten children to her. 

Viaan Makes Katha Upset

Later, Katha comes to her room looking upset about Vian discussing her with his friends. 

Just then Katha’s team knocks at her cabin and looks spooked to see Katha upset but she invites them in. 

Tanya tells Kathat that she has called them into their room which reminds Katha and she tells them about she has mailed them the details of the senior citizen club that they have to design together. 

In the meantime, Tanya asks her if they will be assigned mentors on the basis of this project and if she can do the project solo. 

However, Kathat tells her that this is a group project and she cannot work on it alone. 

On being told that this must not be the rule, Katha tells Tanya that she appreciates her zeal to take on this project on her own but this is a group project. 

She tells her that she is recently started working and she will get the chance to learn from different people’s perspectives. 

She also assures her that if she will show dedication to her work then she will assign her a solo project soon. 

Viaan Offers His Nanny Services

Meanwhile, Amrita talking to Viaan when he offers to babysit for the baby. 

Amrita becomes happy to hear that and tells him that he was thinking about asking her. 

Viaan smiles indulgently and asks her when did she become so reserved with him while Aprajita tells him that ever since he has become a CEO and some hot-shot rich guy. 

They end the call on a pleasant note while Viaan smiles thinking about her friend.

Later, Viaan arrives at Amrita’s house bearing gifts when Amrita tells him that she is going to bed because she will fall on her face if she does not sleep now. 

Viaan tells her to go and gets busy talking to the baby who starts crying as soon as he sees the squeaky duck. 

Viaan tries to calm her down but the voice keeps getting louder making Viaan nervous. 

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