Katha Ankahee 24th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 24th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 24th March 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 24th March 2023 episode starts with Katha watching Viaan descending the stairs with unsaid emotions swimming in her eyes.

Aa Viaan walks in through the door of the meeting room, Katha looks up at him, imagining Viaan telling her that it is not about him but her too.

As Katha stares at Viaan, Viaan proudly states that this is a chance for him to prove to Katha that he is worthy of her forgiveness so he is standing in front of her with his truth only.

Coming out of her imagination, Katha orders Viaan to sit who just gazes at Katha while he stands near the door still.

Interrupting Katha, another board member asks Viaan if he has ever called women gold diggers in front of Ehsan as Shamita has mentioned in her complaint.

Katha along with others gets silent anticipating Viaan’s answer who maintains eye contact with Katha while he replies yes.

Clearing her throat, Katha orders Viaan to explain himself properly so Viaan clarifies that he had this mentality until he met someone special who has a significant impact on his thoughts.

He goes on to say that until that someone, he viewed women in a bad way since he always assumed women marry rich husbands to get an easy life.

On the other hand, Ehsan is pacing in the office feeling stressed about Viaan’s interrogation when Jeetu Bhai walks in.

Ehsan reveals that Viaan’s dealing with everything with his heart is not going to do any favor to him as Jeetu suggests Ehsan let Viaan deal with this in his own way.

Ehsan fears that Viaan dealing with everything with his heart is a weakness.

Back in the board room, Viaan states that after meeting that woman, he changed the policies of the company to ensure women also take part in leadership roles while he keeps glancing at Katha.

Katha feels uncomfortable realizing that Viaan is talking about her so she clears her throat again in an attempt to not show this on her face.

Meanwhile, the board member again asks Viaan if he is talking about Shamita in a cynical way while Katha observes Viaan’s expressions.

Viaan makes it clear that he is not talking about Shamita who misused his changed attitude toward women in a very wrong way.

Katha then urges Viaan to reveal what happened between him and Shamita that night to which Viaan replies that he sometimes feels that maybe his view toward women was fine which somehow bothers Katha.

Viaan goes on to reveal how Shamita tried to seduce him when she got fired and the flashback shows Shamita suggestively opening her legs when Viaan looks up from his laptop.

In the flashback, Shamita opens the buttons of her blouse and Viaan throws her out of his cabin.

Back in the current time, Viaan accepts that he may have been rude to Shamita while revealing that Shamita asked him for the job back so he gave it to her.

Viaan also narrates that night incident explaining that Shamita is the one who came to him asking for a recommendation later so he just sent it to her.

As Viaan walks away, Jeetu Bhai states that he knows Viaan can never do such a thing since he always thinks about women's safety irrespective of his viewpoint.

Jeetu Bhai's words force Katha to analyze the situation in a more diplomatic way since she cannot figure out who is lying.

Just then, Jenny, Viaan's secretary walks in and also accuses Shamita of lying, saying that she has always seen Shamita trying to attract Viaan toward herself by smiling at him unnecessarily.

Once the interrogation ends, Katha tells everyone in the room that nothing can be proven by this since it is normal for staff to want the boss's attention.

The female member announces that the SMS is been sent from Viaan's phone so it is hard to prove him innocent while Katha also gets lost in her thoughts.

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