Katha Ankahee 24th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 24th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 24th May 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 24th May 2023 episode starts with Viaan playing a youtube video on his phone to figure out how to change the baby’s diaper.

Viaan makes a slightly disgusted face due to the smell as he goes to change the baby’s diaper.

He quickly changes his facial expression to normal when his eyes fall on the baby girl crying.

He talks to the baby, asking her why she is crying while he calls the nanny agency for a nanny.

The agency denies Viaan’s request for the nanny since no nanny is available right now which causes Viaan to panic.

Looking at the little one’s face, Viaan calls Ehsan to arrange a nanny for him.

However, Ehsan informs Viaan that he has expertise with different kinds of babies, not the actual babies so he cannot help Viaan in this situation.

In the end, Ehsan ends up getting bribed when Viaan offers a bottle of fine scotch in exchange for help.

Afterward, when Ehsan arrives at Amrita’s apartment, Viaan mentions that he has fed, and changed the diaper three times yet the baby is crying nonstop.

Hearing the mention of three diapers, Ehsan compliments the baby for having such strength.

Ehsan then advises Viaan to turn the baby around and rub his hand over the baby’s back as the babies always like it.

Viaan is unable to follow Ehsan’s instructions and Ehsan offers to take the baby in his arms but he refuses, saying babies have very sensitive noses.

He scolds Ehsan for wearing such strong perfume while Ehsan grumbles angrily that babies are born with so much sensitivity.

When Viaan urges Ehsan to help him change the diaper, he scrunches up his nose, stating that it is stinking.

Hearing this, Viaan again scolds Ehsan for being stupid as the baby's poop doesn’t stink that much.

As the baby’s crying sound again fills the room, Ehsan tells Viaan to wait since he knows someone who can help them in this situation.

At Katha’s home, Aarav’s friends remind Aarav about the son vs father basketball match happening in two days which makes Aarav silent for a few minutes.

While Neerja takes his friends so they can meet their parents, one of the friends stays back to let Aarav know that he knows how much Aarav misses his father and that he wants to play cricket.

This reply brings a smile to Aarav’s face and he hugs that friend.

Back at Amrita’s apartment, Ehsan gives Viaan a surprise by bringing Katha with him and Katha takes the baby from Viaan as she cannot see the baby crying.

Viaan apologizes to Katha for dragging her into the mess, explaining how he came to help Amrita since she is sleeping and Katha just calmly replies that it is fine.

Katha then teaches Viaan how to change the diaper properly and Viaan listens to it quietly like a curious kid while Ehsan flops onto the sofa, announcing he is going to sleep.

Ehsan takes a few sips of alcohol before drifting to sleep and Viaan gets upset as Katha mentions that the baby is feeling pain in her tummy.

Viaan's expression changes into disappointment at the mention of this while Katha explains that it takes time for everyone to understand babies.

Katha brings out some oil from the kitchen to rub on the baby's stomach after which she gives Viaan the baby, asking him to gently swing her.

Viaan starts talking to the baby while gently stroking her and Katha looks at him with admiration.

She then wipes Viaan's nose as she notices Viaan's struggle about how he is trying to stop himself from sneezing on the little girl's face.

This gesture makes Viaan smile widely at Katha.

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