Katha Ankahee 26th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 26th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 26th June 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 26th June 2023 episode starts with Katha walking back toward the party hall when she overhears two men gossiping about Viaan.

KaViaan's energetic dance 

She feels angry as the two men call Viaan a boring person so she walks up to Viaan, asking him to dance with her.

Viaan rejects at first but when Katha offers him her hand, he takes it with amazement written all over his face.

As KaViaan arrive on the stage, they set the stage on fire with their amazing dance moves and Katha watches in awe as Viaan starts showing his moves.

He even starts imagining dancing with Katha in a magical ballroom surrounded by candles and balloons and where Katha is wearing a gorgeous red gown.

He finds himself getting lost in Katha’s eyes as he pulls Katha into his arms.

However, Viaan soon comes out of his dreamy imagination when Katha nudges his shoulder and his jaw drops as Katha jumps in excitement.

Soon the party gets over and KaViaan gets out of the hall to walk on the road alone in the moonlit night.

Viaan confesses that he is sad since the two days conference is over now while Katha urges him to say if he wants to say anything more.

Katha also explains that it will be up to her to decide if she finds Viaan crossing his limits when Viaan suggests that he does not want to cross any boundaries.

After getting the green light from Katha, Viaan explains that he hopes that this two days conference was infinite as he loves spending time with her.

However, this time Katha does not take Viaan’s confession in any bad way, instead she jokingly states that now they have to return to their daily life.

The reality check 

The next day, when Viaan stops his car in front of Katha’s apartment, she turns toward Viaan with spread arms and leans toward him.

This gives Viaan the impression that Katha is going to hug him so he also opens his arms widely but his face turns bright red in embarrassment when Katha picks up her bag from the back seat.

Katha also starts smiling after she realizes what Viaan was thinking and she suddenly feels shy as she gets out of the car.

Viaan comes out of his car and they both look at each other with longing eyes as none of them are ready to part ways yet.

She even keeps looking as Viaan gets into his car after a long moment of staring and she finally raises her hands to bid farewell to him with a bittersweet smile.

When Katha enters her apartment, she imagines Viaan standing there with open arms, which confuses her.

A big smile breaks on Katha’s face as she soon realizes that this is Neerja and she pulls Neerja into a hug.

Neerja then teases Katha by saying that she seems changed so the reason must be Viaan.

Whereas Viaan also gets shocked to find himself imagining Katha in his room and he slightly slaps his head for daydreaming.

Back in Katha’s house, Neerja’s eyes widen as she notices Katha planning a surprise gift for Mr. Viaan Raghuvanshi and she suggests that Katha’s feeling toward Viaan has changed now.

Katha rolls her eyes upon hearing this and soon the conversation changes as Aarav arrives in the hall.

The trio then starts dancing around while clearing and Katha finds her old ring which she bought with her first salary.

Hearing this, Aarav inquires Katha about her engagement ring which makes Katha recall how she sold it for six lakh.

However, she lies that she lost the ring so Aarav promises that he will buy a big shiny ring once he gets a job after growing up.

After Aarav walks away, Neerja questions Katha if her viewpoint has changed regarding Viaan only because she has realized that he is an ideal fatherly figure or because she has finally seen the real Viaan who is ready to sacrifice himself.

Neerja also explains that fatherhood comes later while love is important while Katha stares at her in confusion.

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