Katha Ankahee 27th July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 27th July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 27th July 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 27th July 2023 episode starts with Aarav getting shocked to realize that Robin is Viaan Raghuvanshi and is Katha's boss.

Aarav avoids Viaan and leaves

Aarav remembers how the past coincidences matched between Katha and Robin as they had trips and meetings on the same day.

Noticing Viaan staring at Katha in her cabin with a smile on his face, Aarav realizes that the person Viaan has been in love with is no one but his mother, Katha.

Aarav gets stuck while processing everything and runs toward the lift where Neerja arrives and asks him to go back home as his stomach is paining.

Viaan walks toward the elevator while checking his phone which makes Aarav nervous and he closes the elevator door as soon as possible.

The elevator door gets shut as Viaan comes close to it and he waits for it to come up in the next circle.

Viaan gets into the car and feels like he is leaving something behind after which he checks his belongings to be sure that he has everything with him.

Viaan realizes Katha's feelings 

On getting a message from Vanya, Viaan plays her voice message where Vanya says that she was looking at their one picture clicked together and asks him to come back soon so that she can click more pictures with him.

Viaan stares at the picture and notices Katha staring at him the same way he used to stare at her when he first fell in love with her.

The flashbacks of Katha trying to tell him something hit Viaan and he asks the driver to go back to the office as he has figured out what he is leaving behind.

Viaan reaches the office and asks Jennie where Katha is but gets sad as she tells him that Katha left a bit ago.

After everyone leaves, Viaan calls Neerja and asks if Katha is with her at home but gets to know that Katha is not even present there.

With the thought of Katha, Viaan comes to the study room of the office and thinks about where Katha might be when suddenly Katha appears with a book.

The much-awaited confession

Viaan gets overwhelmed seeing Katha and tells her that he has figured out what she wanted to tell him while calling himself stupid for not understanding till now.

Katha smiles at Viaan while he says that he should have gotten the hint when Katha told him that she wants to build the building of her dreams with him.

Standing across from Viaan, Katha says that she wanted to tell Viaan that she would not allow him to leave her like that next time as she does not want to scrape time to spend with him.

Katha holds Viaan's hands into hers and tells him that she wants to be with him and spend the rest of her life laughing with him as partners.

Viaan smiles with tears in his eyes while Katha spots fireflies outside and places them on Viaan's hand, making him mesmerized by their beauty.

Viaan says that Katha is the firefly of his life which shines in darkness and her acceptance of his love has illuminated his dull life within seconds.

Katha replies that if she is the firefly then Viaan is the ethereal nature where she wants to fly for eternity and find peace.

Tejji spots Viaan with Katha

Meanwhile, Tejji grits her teeth in anger as she hears the final announcement at the airport and tears the tickets.

Angrily Teji rushes to EarthCon where Viaan and Katha are smiling at each with their face blushing with embarrassment while Tejji sees that scene and walks out of the office with a blank face.

Later, Viaan and Katha walk together on the road and Viaan says that he wishes to tell everyone that he has been proposed to by the lady he loves but Katha asks him to calm down.

Viaan asks Katha how she realized that she is insane like him to which Katha replies that her heart was hit by the feeling when she saw Viaan get injured in front of her.

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