Katha Ankahee 27th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 27th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 27th March 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 27th March 2023 episode starts with Aarav finding Neerja pacing in the hall, uttering Katha’s name.

Aarav then dials Viaan’s number to tell him that every important person in his life is stressed and he is missing his outings with Viaan.

He calls it a “the stressful week” as everyone is stressing about something and Viaan offers to take him on a trip to celebrate “world relaxing” the next week with a chuckle.

Viaan tells Aarav AKA, Batman, to wish him luck as he is fighting the biggest battle of his life which he cannot afford to lose so he has to win.

Meanwhile, Meera enters Katha’s cabin for advice about Yuvraj’s proposal to move in with her which surprises Katha.

Katha reminds Meera of her own words about not having any physical relationship with Yuvraj and Meera reveals that Yuvraj is frustrated with his wife since she mentally harasses Yuvraj every time.

Meera also informs that she has not given any response to Yuvraj as she is confused.

Katha tries to make Meera understand that she cannot take a decision on her emotions because if his wife realizes that her husband is drifting apart from her, she can always treat him nicely.

She also explains that if this happens, Yuvraj will surely leave Meera for his kids and family since he has not said a single word about leaving them for Meera.

On the other hand, Reet again disrespects Yuvraj, ordering him to not ruin her respect in front of Kailash when Yuvraj reveals that Kailash called him a few minutes ago about the leakage in the kitchen.

Yuvraj explains that Kailash wants him to help him fix the situation while Reet shows the mangalsutra stating that she already has everything so in a way it does not matter if Yuvraj gets scolded.

This incident hurts Yuvraj so badly that he calls Meera saying that he has made up his mind about leaving Reet whereas Meera ponders over Katha’s words.

Later, Katha is walking on the road while Viaan’s words, Meera’s confession, and Shamtia’s allegation continue to play in her mind at the same time and she becomes so lost in her thoughts that she does not notice a speeding car coming towards her.

Viaan pulls Katha towards him at the right moment to save her while frantically asking her if she needs water.

Katha informs Viaan that it is not good if they are seen together amidst the investigation so Viaan releases her from his embrace.

As the cars continue passing on the road, Katha and Viaan both stare at each other under the traffic light.

The next morning, as Katha arrives at the company, she quietly observes Shamita and Viaan, both to understand the situation.

Katha starts interrogating Shamita about why she called Viaan on Holi and Shamita very cunningly puts the blame on Viaan saying that she just called to wish Viaan.

Shamita also manipulates the situation claiming that her phone has broken since holi so she cannot show it and that the Architecture industry is male-dominated so she jumped to take Viaan’s offer about rejoining the company.

Frustrated by Shamita's twisted words, Katha clearly states, she knows someone between Shamita and Viaan is lying in a harsh tone.

Shamita very smoothly blames Katha for partiality since she has gotten so many promotions, so Katha will take Viaan's side.

These words by Shamita force Katha to revisit those memories of that time when she was going door-to-door for one crore rupees.

Later, Katha finds Viaan smiling who is busy talking to Aarav and instantly her indecisive thoughts come back since she finds Shamita crying at a distance.

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