Katha Ankahee 27th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 27th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 27th November 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 27th November 2023 episode starts with Viaan telling Raghav that he acted like a God for him, Katha, and Aarav but Katha will sacrifice all her happiness for Aarav's sake.

Viaan continues to say that Katha, Aarav, and he are a family and it should be that way.

Katha asks Viaan to stop and look around because this is her family now and Viaan cannot change it.

She says that she has promised Raghav and herself that together they will form a safe and secure world for Aarav and Ruhi to which Viaan replies that she even promised to be his love forever but now she is backing out.

Viaan says that he will leave now but Katha should ponder over the fact that it is the second time in her life that her love and Aarav's dad are being taken away from them.

Aarav opens up to Ruhi

Meanwhile, Aarav tells Ruhi that he has never seen his real father but then Viaan came into their lives and everything became perfect and they formed a new family but then a fight happened which revealed Viaan's true face.

Aarav says that Viaan broke his trust and that is why he decided to protect Katha from him.

Aarav asks Ruhi to send Viaan away as seeing him brings tears and anger to him.

He also tells Ruhi that in his camp Nikhil used to trouble him a lot and that is why he locked him in the store room for an entire night which caused him fever.

Katha pours her heart out

Elsewhere, Vicky tells Viaan that Raghav's wife left him but he never expressed his pain.

He continues to ask Viaan why is he trying to steal him of his new happiness to which Raghav says that it is no one's fault and just a mere game of fate.

Raghav asks Katha to be honest about her happiness to which she replies that her happiness is with Aarav and Ruhi.

The bell rings, and Tejji, Vanya, and Ehsan enter when Pari asks them why didn't they tell them anything.

Tejji replies that they were waiting for the right time after which Viaan says that Katha is still in love with him.

He says that if Katha did not love him then he would have walked away ages ago, he then leans to Katha and begs her to tell the truth.

Katha imagines holding Viaan and saying that in their story many people are connected and she cannot hurt them all.

Further, she says that she will always love Viaan but instead of hurting everyone, she will let Viaan go and make their love eternal.

Viaan says that he will die while crying which makes Katha cry as well.

Viaan looks deep into Katha's eyes and says that she will die to which Katha replies while holding Viaan's face in her hands that she has stopped living for herself ages ago. 

Katha comes back into reality and says that she never got love from anyone, neither Adi nor Viaan.

Raghav asks Katha if she is okay to which she replies that she was never okay and is just pretending.

She says that she has been pretending for a very long time and now she is tired of fighting.

Katha says that the world expects a woman to always make the right choices.

She says that her and Viaan's love brought bad luck only and now she is tired of fighting for it and Viaan should stop too.

Viaan looks at Tejji and starts crying like a child saying that it is his worst nightmare.

Ehsan goes to him and hugs him while crying.

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