Katha Ankahee 28th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 28th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 28th March 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 28th March 2023 episode starts with Katha asking Viaan if he has any proof that he has not sent the text to Shamita.

Putting his hands on the table, Viaan informs Katha that if he had any proof, he would have already submitted it while Katha counters him again, saying that he only has the philosophy to support his statements and no real truth.

One of the committee comments that Viaan is again using philosophy but he reveals that just because he does not have any proof, it does not mean he is not innocent.

With a huff, Viaan yells in frustration that he has never tried to cross his limits with any female employee in the company while making it clear that if he was at fault, he would not have requested an investigation team.

The team members try to make Viaan understand that if they want to prove Viaan innocent, they need real proof.

Suddenly, Katha questions Viaan angrily if he means to say that he has never asked any female employee to spend the night with him.

Viaan stares at Katha with nervous eyes as his own words about asking Katha to spend the night with him come haunting back to him.

Katha just sits there in silence, waiting for Viaan’s answer.

The team member seems surprised to hear Viaan confess that he has done it one time and Katha regrets her decision.

Afterward, Viaan is pacing in his cabin in the dark in complete silence when Katha approaches him calmly.

Katha apologizes to Viaan for asking questions about that night since now, the panel is doubting Viaan.

Viaan confesses that he has not sent Shamita that text this time but this is redemption for the text he sent to Katha.

He goes on to say that he is buried under the guilt for committing that sin so if he gets punished this time, it would be for that mistake only.

Katha feels emotional upon hearing these things from Viaan as she can clearly see remorse in his eyes.

She motivates Viaan saying that he will not be punished if he is not at fault while Viaan thanks Katha for meeting him, despite knowing that it is not good for her since she is a part of the committee.

On the other hand, Farah sacres Tejji by stating that she has learned that it is hard to prove Viaan’s innocence now.

Tejji tries to keep herself hopeful by saying that Katha will help them to prove Viaan’s innocence.

However, Farah crushes Tejji’s hope with her statement about Katha not being able to prove Viaan's innocence as there is NO proof.

Farah also orders Tejji to think about Earthcon’s respect first so it will be better if Viaan steps down from the C.E.O position permanently.

Meanwhile, Katha is waiting for an auto outside Earthcon when Viaan passes by who just smiles softly at Katha.

Katha hops into an auto but at the traffic signal, she again meets Viaan and their eyes meet for a long moment while the uncomfortable air between them slowly vanishes.

They only look away due to the honking of the cars behind them and Katha lets out a sigh.

Later, as Katha enters the building, Tejji appears there to plead with Katha to clear Viaan’s name since Earthcon is also at stake.

With tears in her eyes, Tejji tells Katha that she is sure Viaan can never do this.

In the meantime, Viaan urges Ehsan to take the C.E.O position while Ehsan refuses by saying that their friendship is more important to him.

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