Katha Ankahee 28th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 28th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 28th November 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 28th November 2023 episode starts with Aarav going outside where Katha, Viaan, and Raghav are already there.

Tejji tells Aarav that it was her fault and not Viaan's to which Aarav replies that it means she has also hurt Katha and has lied to him.

Ehsan finally vouches for Viaan and tells Raghav that Aarav and Katha are made for Viaan.

He then turns to Katha and asks her if she will be able to live without Viaan, he then bends down to Aarav and holds his face in his hands saying that Viaan is Aarav's robin so how can he live without him?

Viaan stops Ehsan and says that it is time to go, Ehsan tries to stop Viaan but he signals to him that it is over.

Viaan then tells Aarav that he is his Batman and everything will happen according to his will.

Viaan apologizes to Raghav and tells him that he is an amazing human being and he respects him a lot since he gave Viaan a chance to have closure.

Viaan starts heading out but then turns for one final look while Katha and Aarav watch him with longing eyes.

Later, Viaan tells Tejji that he heard a clarity in Katha's voice which made him sure that she was never coming back.

He tells Tejji that he will never meet Katha now and he is thinking of moving to Paris along with her.

Meanwhile, Raghav tells Katha that there won't be any judgments but he needs to know if she still loves Viaan.

Katha says that she used to love Viaan a lot but now it does not matter as she is ready to move on.

Raghav tells Katha that now it is time to move on for real and get married with a small ceremony at home to which Katha agrees.

The next day, Tejji brings a box of Aarav's stuff and says that she wants to take these memories along with them to which Viaan replies that he had a telepathic relationship with Aarav earlier and this stuff will only remind him of that.

Elsewhere, Raghav gifts Katha a Saree which reminds Katha of a memory with Viaan making her smile.

Raghav says that he knows she is thinking about Viaan because it is very natural as humans are a sum total of memories.

Katha ensures him that Viaan is her past and she will wear the engagement ring too.

Later, Aarav receives the box of his stuff which was at Viaan's place, it reminds him of the good times he had with Viaan.

Aarav then finds a letter in the box that is written by Viaan and it is Viaan says that he is leaving for Paris but he will not let Aarav remain angry at him so he will confess everything.

Aarav continues to read that he was a broken man before Katha came into his life and after that, Viaan realized that forgiveness is a virtue and Katha had every bit of it.

The letter also says that Viaan is very sorry for what he did and he believes that one day his son Aarav whom he loves more than anyone will forgive him.

Aarav breaks into tears after reading this soulful letter sent by Viaan.

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