Katha Ankahee 29th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 29th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 29th September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 29th September 2023 episode starts with the doctor asking Katha if she is fine or not.

Katha suddenly opens her eyes in a very freak-out state and she starts shaking unconscious Viaan, saying that he cannot leave her like this.

She says loudly that Batman AKA Aarav is eagerly waiting for him to come back so he cannot give up now.

Looking at Katha’s grief-stricken state, the doctors try to drag her away from Viaan when the monitor starts showing Viaan’s heartbeat rate, indicating that Viaan’s heartbeat is back now.

Everyone including Katha stares at Viaan with happiness while Katha exclaims that she knew Viaan would not leave her like this.

The doctor then again orders Katha to get out of the room which Katha accepts without any hesitation.

When she gets out of the operation theater, she announces happily that Viaan is out of danger now.

Hearing this, Tejji lets out a sigh of relief as she starts collapsing on the floor so Katha holds Tejji tightly.

She assures Tejji that Viaan is going to be just fine and Tejji hugs Katha with tears streaming down her eyes.

Meanwhile, Maya walks away from everyone and calls one police officer, asking him to arrest Yuvraj for hurting Viaan.

She cuts the call with a smirk on her face whereas in Garewal's house, Reet suggests Kailash keep a lawyer handy because Tejji is very angry right now.

Kailash does not reply, instead, he informs Kavita that he is going to the hospital to check on Viaan.

As Kavita advises Kailash not to get irritated by Tejji’s rudeness, a bunch of police officers enter the living room, declaring that they are here to arrest Yuvraj.

Before anyone can realize what is happening, Yuvraj from the corner, saying that he is ready to suffer while Reet begs Yuvraj to reconsider his decision.

At the same time,  Aarav arrives in the room in a sobbing state which is why Yuvraj requests the officer to handcuff him outside the Garewal house.

Afterward, Aarav starts crying as he wants to meet Viaan and how his new life is ruined before it even starts.

Kailash suddenly gets a call from Katha who informs them that Viaan is out of danger.

She questions Kailash about Yuvraj and if he has confessed his reasons to which Kailash replies hesitantly that the police have arrested Yuvraj.

He even claims that Yuvraj should stay in jail for a few days until he is finally ready to confess why he did this while Katha cuts the call.

Katha then urges Ehsan and Vanya to keep a watch over Viaan as she needs to go somewhere.

When she arrives at the police station, she meets Yuvraj in the visitation room where Yuvraj confesses how much he hates himself for allowing Viaan to take advantage of Katha during her toughest time.

Hearing this, Katha tries to make Yuvraj understand that he has gotten everything wrong while Yuvraj confesses that someone very close to him has given him this information.

In the hospital, Maya lures Ehsan and Vanya out of the hospital by making up a story about how Vanya has done some illegal deals during the Rajasthan project.

Maya even sends Tejji to the waiting room for rest after which Maya orders Katha to leave Viaan's life now when she arrives at the hospital.

The tone in Maya's voice makes Katha suspicious so she confronts Maya about being the one who has told Yuvraj about all this.

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