Katha Ankahee 30th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 30th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 30th May 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 30th May 2023 episode starts with Viaan getting excited as he gets a confirmation text from Katha for the video call.

Viaan's video call with Katha

He quickly dials Katha’s number while Katha closes the door before picking up Viaan’s video call.

As Katha’s smiling face fills the phone screen, Viaan greets her with a big smile, accepting that he just called her since he felt like talking to her.

He then tells that Amrita has found a nanny and Katha jokes that Viaan has lost his part-time job so he must be sad now.

This remark makes Viaan chuckle lightly as he says that if he can bring Amrita and Keith to his house to live with him since he does not like to stay separated from Nina, he would.

He further says that he thinks Nina has started recognizing his touch while Nina suddenly starts grinning toothlessly after waking up.

Noticing Nina’s smile, Viaan turns the camera toward her face so Katha can also see the smile but Nina starts crying all of a sudden.

Katha informs Viaan that they should end the call as Viaan needs to take care of Nina and Viaan’s face falls upon hearing this.

He keeps looking at his phone even after Katha cuts the video call and finally, after a few long moments, a soft smile appears on his face.

Kailash yells at Kavita

Meanwhile, Kavita is sitting in her room when Kailash enters the room fuming with anger, accusing her of hiding the conversation with Viaan.

Kavita is unable to say anything to Kailash as Kailash starts yelling that they only know Viaan as a family friend only so he does not like Kavita talking to him.

He angrily announces that he does not trust Viaan at all and also forbids Kavita from talking to Viaan anymore.

The next morning, Aarav meets his friend in the club who informs him that his parents are going to request the school authority for summer swimming classes for kids in the parent-teacher group.

Aarav's proposal to Robin 

Hearing this, Aarav realizes that he also needs two parents to make sure his demands are also heard in the group so he requests his friend to make his mom send a group invite to Robin.

The friend’s mom agrees after Aarav praises Robin as the best parent.

Later, when Aarav arrives at the club, he pleads with Viaan to join the parent-teacher Whatsapp group as a parent.

He clarifies that the parents are known as numbers in the groups so no one will know it is Robin but Robin denies it as Batman’s mother will not accept this.

Aarav makes a sad face and he admits that every kid has two parents in the group except him so he wants Robin to be there.

He further tells Viaan that he is the only one after his mom who understands him better which is why he is confident Viaan’s guidance can help everyone in the group.

Aarav’s urging melts Viaan’s heart and he finally joins Aarav’s parent-teacher group.

Later, Aarav excitedly breaks Robin into joining the PTA group (parent-teacher group) but Katha does not look too excited.

The parenting skills 

Katha makes Aarav understand that Robin is just Aarav’s friend, not a parent so Aarav should not have involved Robin in this.

Aarav tells Katha that Robin has a very special place in his life which is why he wants Robin to be there and Katha asks Aarav if Robin’s presence makes him feel good.

As Aarav nods his head, Katha accepts Viaan’s presence in the group since she does not want to upset Aarav.

Meanwhile, Ehsan is driving Viaan to the Earthcon when he notices Viaan is busy with his phone.

He jokes that Katha is not giving Viaan any signal yet Viaan is busy with his phone to which Viaan replies that Batman has made him join the PTA group.

Hearing this, Ehsan starts announcing that Viaan has become a father without marrying.

Later, in Earthcon, Katha and Viaan’s phone chime at the same time which does not escape Ehsan’s eyes but Katha clarifies that it was just a wrong number.

They then enter the meeting room to discuss the Lonavla project and Katha feels impressed as she notices Viaan giving amazing advice in the PTA group.

Her and Viaan’s thought process matches in the group regarding every issue, making her look at Viaan with curious eyes.

Once the meeting gets over, Katha urges Viaan to let the new recruits deal with the projects alone so they can determine how the recruits handle pressure and Viaan agrees.

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