Katha Ankahee 30th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 30th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 30th October 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 30th October 2023 episode starts with Katha coming into Raghav’s office to give him cookies while Raghav flirts with her, asking her if she is falling in love a little.

Katha tells him that their engagement is a deal and though he has developed feelings for her because they have been living together for quite some time, she will need more time to reach there. 

Raghav tells her to take all the time she needs as they are engaged to each other. 

However, Katha looks spooked and tells him that she does not want to wait long and they should get married soon. 

In the meantime, Teji is shocked to hear that Katha is engaged while they are hoping for a reconciliation between Viaan and Katha. 

She is worried that being friends with Viaan, Raghav will find out about Katha and Viaan and they will surround them with more problems.

She asks Farah if she should tell Viaan about this news to. 

Meanwhile, Raghav looks astounded for a minute and asks Katha if she has really proposed to him.

Raghav tells her that if he can then he will marry her in a jiffy but his responsibilities hinder him at the moment. 

Asking her to give him time to organise his schedule, he asks her if she will be comfortable going on a date with him the next day as it is their three-month anniversary. 

Katha tells him that she is organising a Singles Meet and Greet event but will find time afterwards to go on a dinner. 

Viaan Tells The Corsage's Significance

Elsewhere, Teji finds Viaan looking at Aarav’s drawing and smiling. 

Seeing Teji he tells her about the time when Aarav made this drawing and how much he laughed seeing it. 

He also tells her that though Katha is not home, he still feels that Katha will come back. 

Before Teji can say anything, Viaan's friend comes with her dress and asks Viaan how he likes it.

Viaan tells her that she should also wear a corsage with the dress as flowers signify love that keeps the person going even in harsher circumstances. 

Later, Katha gets a call from Pranav who tells her that a client has asked for a corsage but he is busy and if she can arrange it. 

He also tells Katha about the significance of the corsage that Viaan told him which Katha completes for him. 

Later, Katha draws the corsage to Viaan’s specification and smiles thinking about him. 

Katha Makes A Corsage

Elsewhere, Teji thanks Viaan's friend for taking Viaan to an event when she tells her that she should not worry too much as Viaan will definitely bring Katha back. 

Teji recalls watching Katha and Raghav's picture, asking her what if Katha had moved on in her life.

Elsewhere, Katha comes home and is surprised by Raghav and the whole family who have decorated the place for her and Raghav’s three-month anniversary. 

Katha, once again, gets transported to the time when Viaan has proposed and rejects the idea telling Raghav that she wants to be home where she should be. 

Raghav looks curious, asking her if she is doing it out of duty or if she is really happy. 

Katha lies through her teeth and tells him that she is happy because everyone is happy and it is for the best. 

Aarav Wants Everything New

However, Raghav tells her that love is to feed one's own happiness and he will pray for her to feel that happiness one day. 

Later, Raghav finds Aarav taking out his anger on the sofa and distracts him by offering to take him to cricket practice. 

As Aarav comes to tell Katha, he finds her making a corsage for some poetic client.

As Katha tells him that she has saved the poems from his old school and he can participate in his new school elocutions using those while Aarav tells her that he does not need anything from his old life. 

Further, Katha finds Ruhi feeling sad for being trolled on her school's social media platform.

Katha tells her that instead of getting upset she can choose to reply with hearts which will certainly confuse this kind of mean girl and they will stop trolling her. 

Ruhi becomes happy when Katha's advice works and they decide to make cupcakes to celebrate.

At the same time, Katha tells Raghav to hand over the box to Pranab's driver.

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