Katha Ankahee 31st January 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 31st January 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 31st January 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 31st January 2023 episode starts with Ehsan and Farah coming to Viaan’s house and spotting Viaan and Tejji dancing together.

Farah and Ehsan join them while Farah asks if they have come to the wrong house as Viaan is acting so differently and spending time with Tejji.

Ehsan complains as Farah says that he does not spend a bit of time with her and all four of them decide to eat dinner together.

Ehsan asks Viaan what the reason is behind his happiness but Viaan says that it is just a good day with his small and quiet family.

After Viaan leaves to accompany Farah, Tejji asks Ehsan if Viaan told him the reason behind his sudden burst of happiness.

Tejji asks Ehsan if Viaan is in love which erases his smile as Viaan was with Katha the whole day and was helping her a lot.

Meanwhile, Kailash stares at Aditya’s frame while Kavita tells him to say what is there in his heart.

Kailash says that he finally understood that Aditya never left them but is still with them in the form of Aarav.

Explaining how Kailash sees Aditya calling him Dadu and hugging him inside Aarav, he says that he is very happy about getting his grandson’s love.

Kavita tells Kailash that he locked himself for so many years that he could not see that Aditya was already in their world but they were just not accepting him.

Kailash says that he has realized that his family is incomplete without Aditya’s family, i.e, his wife and son.

Kailash says that he wants to see his whole family living together in that house including Katha and Aarav which lights up Kavita’s face.

Kavita tells Kailash that they have to convince Katha and Aarav that this house also belongs to them and they can consider them as their family.

The next day, Katha gifts Aarav a mobile so that he can contact her whenever he needs it.

Aarav hands Katha a thank you card and asks her to give it to Viaan as he helped her in finding him the previous day.

Katha agrees to give it but decides that she cannot give Viaan such a thing herself after coming to the office.

However, the staff member carries that envelope along with the other documents on Katha’s table and drops it in front of the stairs after which someone picks it up.

Jenny finds the envelope and keeps it on Viaan’s table as she thinks it is for him by reading “For, the Boss” on the envelope.

Katha notices that the envelope is gone and searches for it after which Jenny tells her that she has kept it on Viaan’s table.

Viaan notices the envelope and opens it while Katha enters his cabin to stop him.

As Viaan reads Aarav’s cute card, he remembers how he used to make such cards for his father asking him to come back.

Holding back his tears, Viaan tells Katha that children put their whole heart, love, and soul into these cards but he did not have anyone to read them.

Katha leaves Viaan’s cabin but Ehsan’s words about Viaan’s past continue to flash in her mind along with Viaan’s one-night stand offer.

After reading a bit about Viraj’s death, Katha stops herself and says that she does not need to think so much about those things.

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