Katha Ankahee 31st March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 31st March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 31st March 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 31st March 2023 episode starts with Aarav getting happy to see his Robin and getting up while his teammates also start cheering for him.

Aarav manages to win the tournament and everyone claps for him while he is announced as the winner.

Aarav rushes to Viaan and high-fives him while Viaan tells Aarav that he is proud of him.

Meanwhile, at the office, Ehsan tries to talk in favor of Viaan in front of the committee but gets warned that his reputation will be scarred if he supports a harasser.

However, Ehsan says that it won't be necessary since he knows Viaan will be proven innocent.

Back at the tournament, Viaan congratulates Aarav and jokes with him while gifting him a poem.

Aarav jokes that his grandmother's name is Kavita (poem in Hindi) while Viaan says that this poem gives him strength.

Aarav asks Viaan if he will read this poem before his test and Viaan hugs him while telling him that this poem is his from now on.

Later, at the office, Katha is busy in her office when Meera comes there and tells her that she has decided to shift her friend with her.

Thinking that this is the time to reveal the truth, Katha stops Meera from trying to convince her and asks her if the man's name is Yuvraj.

Meera gets shocked and asks her how she knew his name while Katha reveals that Yuvraj is her late husband's younger brother.

She tries to talk to Meera and tells her that she is sure Yuvraj and his wife, Reet, will get back together once things get better.

Meera feels betrayed while Katha tells her that she did not want to interfere in her personal matter and tells her to talk to Yuvraj with an open mind.

Just then, an employee enters the cabin and tells Katha to come to the conference room since the final cross-examination session is about to start.

Aarav returns home and reads aloud the poem Viaan gave him to Neerja who feels encouraged by it.

Finally, Katha sits with all committee members and cross-examines both Shamita and Viaan.

As the examination ends, Katha gets the message that Keith has sent the recording of the video call and tells the committee to come to the conference room as she has something to show everyone.

Ehsan paces around the room while another employee comes there and tells them that the meeting is about to start.

Viaan fist bumps Ehsan to calm him and walks into the conference room confidently while looking at Katha.

However, Katha does not look at him and continues to connect her laptop to the projector.

Further, all the members are seated as Katha announces that the meeting is held for the final verdict in the case of Shamita Jaiswal vs Viaan Raghuwansi harassment case and thanks everyone for being present.

Katha talks about the complications of a case where there were no eyewitnesses and also talks about the importance of the message that is the key evidence.

Afterward, Katha reveals to everyone that when Shamita entered Viaan's cabin, he was on a call with his friend who was recording their video call.

She states even though Viaan had put the call on hold, the call was still being recorded.

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