Katha Ankahee 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd April 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahee written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 3rd April 2023 episode starts with everyone in the office waiting anxiously for Viaan to come out.

Ehsan walks in with his hands around Viaan, announcing that the colleague's second favorite boss has proven innocent.

Ehsan tells everyone that Viaan always be the CEO of Earthcon with a beaming smile.

Jeetu Bhai comes forward to hug Viaan with happy tears in his eyes and Viaan thanks Jeetu Bhai for his strong support.

Jeetu Bhai wipes off his tears while Viaan looks up to find his assistant shedding tears so he asks her if she is upset because she wants another boss.

Everyone chuckles including the girl hearing Viaan’s comment and she shakes her head negatively with her one hand wiping the happy tears.

Viaan and everyone turn around to admire Katha, who is walking out of the board meeting room with a proud smile.

Ehsan then orders everyone to return to work since he knows everyone was too stressed during the last week.

As everyone leaves the hall, Viaan notices Katha walking in front of him while the poem he has dedicated to Katha plays in the background.

Katha gives Viaan a tight smile as she is still processing the fact that Viaan has written the poem for her.

Viaan whispers that he wanted to recite the poem to Katha during their date and not like this while Katha’s figure disappears into the hall.

He gathers the courage once again to ask Katha out so he can finally narrate the poem to her but when he enters Katha’s cabin, he gets rejected.

Katha makes up the excuse that she has so much work today and she cannot go on a date.

She starts working on her laptop to avoid Viaan’s questioning eyes while he feels bummed out as he is sure that Katha is punishing him for writing that poem.

As soon as he enters his office, he starts pacing while his thoughts keep going back to Katha but he keeps himself motivated with the thought that Katha has rejected his request only because she is busy.

Viaan's thoughts get interrupted by Farah, Tejji, and Ehsan who all congratulate Viaan for winning, and Ehsan pulls Viaan's leg by saying that he is sure Viaan has written the poem for him only.

As Viaan laughs at Ehsan's joke, Tejji seems stressed about this poem thing for some reason.

On the other hand, Meera breaks up with Yuvraj saying that Yuvraj can surely repair his marriage with Reet which hurts Yuvraj.

Meera also reveals that Katha is the one who gave her insight into this matter and she also clarifies that Katha is the project head of her company.

Yuvraj listens to Meera's words in silence as the anger against Katha builds up inside him for ruining his happiness.

Later that evening, Neerja calls this day "Hero Special Day" after Katha happily reveals that they have won the case against Shamita.

Katha's happiness is entrapped by a call that informs her that Yuvraj is outside waiting for her and as she comes out of the building, Yuvraj lashes out at her for ruining his happiness.

However, Katha makes Yuvraj understand that he needs to face his problems instead of running away and Yuvraj promises to get better.

Katha and Yuvraj then meet Meera at the cafe to clear the air and Meera tells Yuvraj that Katha has made her see that they both want different things out of this relationship.

Yuvraj just nods his head while Katha clarifies that if they continue the relationship, only Meera will get hurt so it is better to talk to each other.

However, as she is walking out, she realizes that she has to talk to Viaan as well.

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