Katha Ankahee 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 3rd February 2023 episode starts with Katha telling Aarav and Neerja that she and Aarav have been invited to Ehsan’s house by his mother for dinner.

Aarav gets irritated on hearing that he has been invited to Ehsan’s house as he knows that Ehsan has an ulterior motive behind everything.

Aarav tells Katha that he is not willing to visit that "Chikchik" (bickering) Uncle’s house as he is very irritating and makes him angry.

Katha asks Aarav to correct his language as he is much older than him and tries to convince Aarav by talking about all the delicious food they will eat there.

After Aarav agrees to go there with Katha, Katha goes inside to change her clothes while Neerja taunts Aarav for getting sold for food.

Aarav tells Neerja that food is not his main concern as he does not want Katha to stay alone with that chikchik uncle.

Meanwhile, Kailash asks Kavita to open Aditya’s room to which she responds that she has been cleaning that room each week.

Reet gets anxious as she hears Kailash and Kavita deciding that they want Aarav and Katha to live in that room.

Kailash asks Kavita to request Katha to let Aarav stay over there for some time when she is free.

While Kailash and Kavita plan everything with Reet’s daughters, Reet starts screaming in pain leaving everyone in a panic.

Yuvraj says that he has asked Reet not to take stress regarding minor topics but Reet signals him to stop talking.

The next day, Aarav practices karate aggressively while thinking about Ehsan when Viaan saves him from hitting his head on the ground.

Viaan asks Aarav what is bothering him that much to which Aarav says that he is angry at his mom’s boss.

Aarav tells Viaan about his mom’s boss trying to get close to them forcibly and always making him uncomfortable by asking about his mother.

Viaan asks Aarav what his father says after seeing that to which Aarav replies that he has no father with a sad face.

Viaan says that he also lost his father when he was small and advises Aarav to irritate that chikchik uncle with his naughtiness so that he never comes to their house.

As Viaan starts to leave, Aarav asks his name but Viaan says that he is Aarav’s Robin as he is the strong batman.

Viaan saves his number as Robin in Aarav’s mobile after which they bid a friendly goodbye.

Meanwhile, everyone congratulates Jeetu Bhai on his 25th wedding anniversary and asks him to plan something special for his wife.

Jeetu Bhai tells Ehsan the tips for a successful marriage which needs a prime rule: “Wife is always the right one”.

Viaan calls Jeetu bhai to his cabin and arranges a special event through an event planner while Jeetu asks him why he is going to such lengths.

Holding onto Jeetu’s hands, Viaan says that they are grateful for all the years that he has given to their company.

Jeetu tells Katha that Viaan fears the spotlight but silently helps when the other person is in need of a hand to hold onto them.

Later that night, Katha and Aarav come to Ehsan’s house while Aarav messages Viaan asking him how he should start his blast.

Viaan asks Aarav to trap the target in questions while Aarav asks him what question he should ask.

Meanwhile, Farah tells Ehsan that she likes Katha a lot and sees her as a potential life partner as well as a business partner.

Farah asks Ehsan to bring Katha on his side so that he gets her support if he and Viaan decide to go on their own ways in the future.

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