Katha Ankahee 3rd January 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd January 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd January 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 3rd January 2023 episode starts with Ehsan telling Katha that she has treated the Dubai project just like her baby.

Ehsan even asks Katha if she is willing to let her child suffer due to Viaan’s arrogance but Katha does not answer.

Ehsan further tells Katha how he and Viaan used to visit construction areas after lying to their parents that they were going to a sports club but now Viaan has stopped telling lies.

He even informs Katha that Viaan is arrogant and takes decisions very impulsively and Katha just looks at him.

When Katha does not answer, Ehsan asks her if she is even listening and Katha nods.

Ehsan then urges Katha not to leave the Dubai project midway as she is the most important employee that Earthcon has. 

At the same time, Ehsan gets a call from Viaan and orders him to enter the cafe as Katha is already there with him.

Once Ehsan cuts the call, Katha asks him who is coming and when he reveals that Viaan is coming, Katha gets up to leave.

To stop Katha from leaving, Ehsan tells her that Viaan is ready to talk to her so Katha should give it a try and Katha sits reluctantly.

Just then, Viaan enters the cafe, and while Katha looks at him sternly, Viaan tears Katha’s resignation letter.

However, Katha still looks unconvinced and Ehsan announces that he cannot play wingman as he does not know the reason for the misunderstanding.

Ehsan also adds that he knows Katha and Viaan can work out their differences for the sake of Earthcon.

When Viaan and Katha both are looking at each sternly, Ehsan urges Katha to rejoin but Katha does not answer.

Looking at Katha with a serious expression, Ehsan expresses that he needs to drink since he can not tolerate the pressure anymore which makes Viaan and Katha laugh.

The next day, Katha expresses her frustration regarding Viaan to her dog Lolipop and how she has to return to work.

However, when Katha is walking out of her apartment, Lollipop starts barking which stops Katha on her track.

Katha gets the idea to take the dejected Lolipop to her office in a basket.

Later, entering her cabin, Katha reminds Lolipop about his promise of not barking but Lolipop runs outside the room when Katha is not looking.

Everyone in the hallway gets surprised to see Lolipop running in the hallway and some get scared.

Meanwhile, Katha is looking everywhere for Lolipop whereas Viaan gets happy to see a puppy in his cabin.

Viaan starts playing with the puppy with a soft look on his face and then picks it up to search for its owner.

When Viaan enters the hall with Lolipop, he asks everyone if they know the owner of this puppy, and Katha scaredly tells him that it is hers.

Katha looks shocked seeing Viaan’s soft side while Viaan gives Katha permission to keep Lolipop with her.

Later during the meeting, Viaan gets impressed to hear Katha’s ideas but when he comes close to Katha, she shifts uncomfortably and Viaan calls it a lunch break.

Afterward, Viaan again gets happy to see Katha’s designs and gets confused when he finds Katha texting which confuses Viaan but Katha is busy sending Falguni a text.

Viaan starts the conversation by questioning Katha about Lolipop's whereabouts and comes close to Katha to check the designs but Katha maintains the distance.

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