Katha Ankahee 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd July 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 3rd July 2023 episode starts with Katha getting confused to hear that Ehsan has recommended Vaniya.

She then quickly asks Viaan about Tejji’s well-being and Viaan replies that Tejji got her anxiety attack after a very long time yet now Tejji is completely fine.

Viaan then walks away from there and as Katha turns away, she finds Vaniya walking so she urges her to stop.

Katha congratulates Vaniya for becoming Viaan’s prodigy and also states that she hopes Vaniya has not stolen any deserving candidate position.

Vaniya proudly replies that when someone works hard for the position, they thrive to get it at any cost.

Hearing this, Katha again cynically says that she hopes Vaniya has not achieved her success via any illegal means because then the whole purpose will be flawed.

This remark does not ruin Vaniya’s confidence instead she keeps her head high while replying that she has achieved everything on her credibility.

Afterwards, when Vaniya goes to work with Viaan in the office, she eagerly listens to Viaan’s suggestions regarding their new project like a hawk.

Viaan gets impressed by Vaniya’s suggestion so he tells Vaniya that he likes Vaniya’s learning attitude.

At the same time, Vaniya asks Viaan if he wants any Thai food for lunch and Viaan excitedly claims that he also likes Thai food.

Hearing this, Vaniya smiles to herself as she thinks Seema has told her about Viraj loving the food.

Viaan looks surprised as Vaniya finally reveals that her father has always loved mangoes and Viaan jokingly asks her to reveal her father’s name.

Vaniya pauses after hearing this as she knows this is not the right time while Viaan tells her a lame joke which makes both of them chuckle.

She also suddenly calls Viaan's brother but Viaan takes it as a joke, saying that they will find through their journey if they are lost siblings.

Just then, Katha notices them enjoying each other company, which makes her confused about Vaniya’s intentions again, so she talks to Ehsan about it.

Meanwhile, Ehsan is teaching his prodigy how to be a good intern when Katha walks into his room.

Katha asks Ehsan the reason for recommending Vaniya to Viaan to which Ehsan replies that he does not have a good start with Vaniya after she joins.

However, Katha presses Ehsan more to know the real reason which makes Ehsan recall how he found Vaniya crying outside the club.

He remembers him consoling crying Vaniya who kept apologizing continually for her mistake so once he comes out of his memories, he simply tells Katha that Vaniya is deserving.

This answer does not satisfy Katha so she goes to Viaan’s office to advise him to install cameras.

She tells Viaan that Viaan has changed now which is why he easily trusts people but not everyone has the best interests for him so Viaan needs to install the camera for security purposes.

Realizing Katha is concerned for him, Viaan gets filled with sudden happiness and a big smile lights up his whole face.

He innocently informs Katha that he will remember that and Katha walks out of the room with an awkward shrug.

Later, that night, Tejji informs Viaan about a ballroom dance party in her group and she also states that she is happy if Viaan just shows up.

Viaan feels grateful upon hearing this so he goes to hug Tejji.

Whereas Katha is smiling to herself as she stares at her and Viaan's photo but she suddenly gets filled with an uneasy feeling when she finds Vaniya standing between her and Viaan in the picture.

The next day, Vaniya brings Viaan's favourite comic book to bond with him but she gets interrupted by Katha because Viaan rushes to talk to Katha outside.

Viaan then requests Katha if she will become his partner for the dance which Katha gladly accepts.

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