Katha Ankahee 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd May 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 3rd May 2023 episode starts with Katha cutting the call intentionally to avoid talking to Viaan.

Once the call gets cut, she pretends that Robin is still on call and keeps asking him if he is there while Aarav looks at her with confusion on his face.

Katha then turns around to explain to Aarav that she needs to talk to Robin in person since this is a sensitive topic so she will meet Robin later.

Meanwhile, Tejji bids farewell to her friends when Viaan arrives in the living room and she grumpily tells Viaan that she has not even once discussed Viaan’s marriage with her friends.

Viaan explains that he has grabbed Tejji’s hand for life which makes Tejji smile and Viaan announces that he is going to make his famous Italian sandwich.

On the other hand, Katha finds Aarav doing homework on the sofa and sits next to him, offering him a sandwich.

She asks Aarav if he knows Robin’s real name to which Aarav replies that it is a secret code for them to call each other Robin and Batman.

Hearing this, Katha gets intrigued so she starts grilling Aarav with numerous questions like why Robin does not take Aarav for trips since he has long cars.

Aarav seems irritated with these questions so he puts an end to these questions by clarifying that he and Viaan are both very busy in their lives so they only hang out at the club.

After Aarav walks away, Katha starts thinking deeply about this whole event and Neerja enters the home with a happy face, exclaiming that she has seen the shelter home site with Viaan.

Neerja excitedly tells Katha about how she has seen the whole shelter house through Viaan’s eyes but Katha does not respond, instead, she starts inquiring Neerja about Viaan.

Katha asks Neerja if Viaan has come to her house in her absence and Neerja reminds Katha about the time when Viaan came to the house to give Katha a letter.

Hearing this, Katha also recalls how she tore the letter as she found Viaan standing under her window so she again asks Neerja if she has taken Aarav to meet Mr. Raghuvanshi.

Neerja replies that she has never taken Aarav but does not understand why Katha is asking so many questions now.

Katha simply informs Neerja to be ready for this kind of interrogation daily while Neerja nudges Katha’s shoulder, asking her if she planning to invite Viaan for tea.

Neerja’s smile does not last long as Katha angrily states that she will never call Viaan for tea.

Later, Aarav is playing in bed when Katha urges him to describe Robin and Aarav happily narrates how Robin is his best friend since Robin treated him like an equal person.

He goes on to say Robin’s presence always motivates him which causes Katha to think that maybe Viaan is trying to win her over, using Aarav so she decides to meet him the next day.

Elsewhere, Reet and Yuvraj have gone on a date and Reet tries to instigate Yuvraj against Katha by claiming that Viaan proposed to Katha yet Katha has not resigned from the work.

She says that this indicates Katha wants to keep Viaan in her hands and she does not understand why Katha is not accepting Viaan since he is handsome, rich, and kind.

However, Yuvraj orders Reet to focus on their dinner date.

The next day, Viaan and Aarav are practicing karate in the club when Viaan gets a call from Katha, asking him to meet her before the office work begins.

Aarav begs Viaan to let him talk to the special girl but Viaan cuts the call so Aarav says that Viaan is scared that his special girl will choose Aarav over him if Viaan introduces Aarav to her.

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