Katha Ankahee 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd October 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 3rd October 2023 episode starts with Maya questioning Katha how she will deal with Aarav knowing that his father has hurt his mother and how much pain Katha has endured pain.

Katha gets shocked after hearing this while Maya puts a hand over her shoulder, whispering that Aarav trusts Viaan blindly so this new revelation will break Aarav’s heart.

At the same time, Aarav arrives at the hospital with Kavita and Aarav looks around the hospital with a scared look on his face.

Meanwhile, Katha asks Maya why she wants to involve a kid in her evil plan.

Maya replies grimly that she has a problem with women like Katha because a single mother like Katha has snatched her son away.

She admits that neither she nor Tejji has accepted Katha as part of their family and that they don’t want Aarav to be the heir of Earthcon.

Maya claims that she has accepted the pain of losing her son but she knows for a fact that Tejji will not be able to accept losing Viaan so Katha has to leave Viaan now.

Hearing this, Katha says in a shaking voice that her son has never seen Aditya as Aditya died when Aarav was very little.

Now Aarav has finally found a father figure in Viaan which is why she cannot destroy this happiness.

However, Maya’s heart does not melt at Katha’s emotional explanation, instead, she yells that Katha needs to think about Aarav’s future because if the truth gets out, then Aarav will fall into depression.

In the meantime, Aarav walks into Viaan’s hospital cabin with Kavita and he puts on a get-well-soon card near Viaan’s head.

He urges Viaan to wake up in a pleading voice, promising that he will make Viaan’s favorite coffee as soon as he comes home.

Aarav grabs Viaan’s hand gently as tears roll down his cheeks when Kavita suddenly requests Aarav to come out of the hospital room since she is unable to see the heartbreak in Aarav's eyes.

On the other hand, Katha finally tells Maya that she is not going to leave Viaan's side now, adding that she will not let Maya manipulate her anymore.

When they arrive in front of Viaan's hospital cabin, they come face-to-face with Aarav and Kavita, and Aarav hugs Katha tightly, asking when Viaan will wake up.

Katha looks Maya dead in the eye as she assures Aarav that Viaan will very soon open his eyes, leading Aarav into the hospital room again.

At the same time, the doctor informs Katha that Viaan needs to open his eyes very soon because his vitals are not stable yet.

Hearing this, Katha, Kavita, and Aarav go to the hospital temple where they prey on Viaan's quick recovery and as if God has answered Katha's prayer, Viaan suddenly starts lifting his finger unconsciously, indicating he is out of danger.

When Katha opens her eyes, she is unable to find Aarav anywhere so she starts looking around for him.

She finds Aarav sitting with Maya who has told him a story about how a bad man has snatched a little kid's mother.

Aarav starts breathing heavily as he cries nonstop while Katha wraps her arms protectively around him, eyeing Maya angrily who just smirks.

Meanwhile, the contractor informs Ehsan about how Maya has ordered him to keep Ehsan and Vanya stuck in the office for a while so Ehsan rushes to the hospital with Vanya following him. 

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