Katha Ankahee 5th July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 5th July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 5th July 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 5th July 2023 episode starts with Viaan asking Katha what happened.

Katha stares at Viaan nervously while she closes the diary and the laptop one by one without his notice.

Viaan again asks Katha if what happened earlier caused her to stress as he can see the distraught look on her face but Katha replies that she is completely fine.

He awkwardly says that he will bring his jacket when Katha exclaims that they should go home now.

As soon as Viaan leaves the room, Katha sneaks out of her office cabin to put Vaniya’s diary on the table.

She then leaves Earthcon without informing Viaan whereas Vaniya is stressed about who has her diary.

Vaniya gets distracted when she finds Seema talking in her sleep about how she had to leave Earthcon for her own reasons so Vaniya starts patting Seema on her head to calm her.

The next day, Katha calls Viaan to let him know that she will be late as she has some personal reasons so Viaan can postpone the client call after lunch.

Viaan tells Katha that she does not need to worry and Katha cuts the call.

Meanwhile, Vaniya gets confused as she does not find Katha in her cabin so when she goes to Viaan’s cabin, she asks him if Katha will not join them in the meeting.

Viaan informs her that Katha will join them after lunch which comes as a big surprise for her as it makes her suspicious about Katha reading her diary.

Looking at Vaniya’s pale face, Viaan happily replies that everyone in Earthcon feels sad when Katha does not come to work but Vaniya rushes out of the office 

On the other hand, Seema confides in Yash that she feels lost all the time for her illness and that sometimes she wants to tell Viaan the real truth for Vaniya’s sake as Vaniya is the one who is suffering in all this.

Yash puts a hand over Seema’s shoulder assuringly after hearing this while Seema just cries.

In the meantime, Katha arrives at Seema’s society and she starts asking around about Seema’s apartment number.

As no one can recognize Seema, Katha mentions Vaniya’s name and everyone points toward Vaniya’s apartment.

However, before Katha can enter the apartment block, Vaniya calls her name from behind so Katha turns around.

Vaniya tells Katha firmly that Katha should not interfere in this when Katha asks her why she needs to be Viaan’s prodigy so badly.

Katha reveals that she has read Vaniya’s diary so now she knows Vaniya is Seema Dutta’s daughter and that she cannot let Viaan suffer any longer because of his past.

She also accuses Vaniya of lying while Vaniya confesses that she has her own reasons for hiding things from Viaan.

Hearing this, Katha tells Vaniya that she is going to reveal Vaniya’s true identity to Viaan now and she walks away despite Vaniya’s pleading.

Vaniya watches Katha walking away with hot tears blurring her vision.

Later, when Katha tries to reveal the truth to Viaan, she feels hesitant for a bit and Vaniya also arrives at the office for the meeting.

Once the meeting gets over, Vaniya finally gets some free time with Viaan but she fails to confess the truth due to a lump forming in her throat because of nervousness.

She reminds Viaan about their discussion of different perspectives and Viaan eagerly asks Vaniya to reveal what she wants to say.

At the same time, Katha again enters the cabin while Viaan excuses himself as he needs to pick up a call.

After Viaan walks away, Katha simply tells Vaniya that every time is right when they try to confess the truth which makes Vaniya close her mouth.

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