Katha Ankahee 5th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 5th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 5th October 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 5th October 2023 episode starts with Aarav telling Katha emotionally that he has already lost his real father so this time he cannot lose his Robin again.

Katha tries to make Aarav understand that just like he loves Aditya who is in heaven, he can also love Viaan Papa from a distance.

Aarav gets teary after hearing this, asking if Viaan really wants to part ways with him while Katha pulls him into a hug.

She tells Aarav that Viaan has not left their lives but parting their ways with Viaan is the right thing for now.

Katha urges Aarav to be hopeful as they will soon go back to their old lives in which Aarav used to be the man of the house.

This breaks Aarav’s heart even more so he begs Katha to let him cry whenever he misses Viaan which brings hot tears to her eyes as she nods her head.

She whispers to Aarav’s ear that she can lose everyone but not him and that she can do everything to protect him.

In the hospital, Viaan is lying on the hospital bed unconsciously while Tejji cries uncontrollably so Vanya tries to calm her down.

Vanya says that she understands Tejji’s pain so if Tejji needs any support, she is always here for Tejji’s support.

Saying this, Vanya is about to leave when Tejji hopefully begs Vanya to sit beside her which catches Vanya by surprise, and she sits beside Tejji with a soft smile.

At the same time, Ehsan is walking towards Viaan's hospital room when he finds Maya talking to someone on call so he stops to look at her angrily.

He grabs Maya's hand harshly, stating that he knows Maya has forced Katha to break up with Viaan.

Maya just shrugs, saying that very soon Ehsan will understand what is right for them.

She claims that as a mother she knows what is best for her children to which Ehsan replies angrily that as soon as Viaan recovers he will tell him the truth.

Ehsan further firmly announces that he and Viaan will bring Katha back into their lives again so Maya should pack her bags since her relationship with their family is going to break.

Maya looks slightly scared yet she manages to keep her confidence upfront while Ehsan storms away from there in disappointment.

In Garewal's house, Kavita witnesses Katha's conversation with Aarav which means he knows about Katha's decision to break up with Viaan.

Kavita questions Katha why she is doing this to which Katha replies that she cannot say the real reason behind this.

When Katha comes out of the room, Kailash apologizes to her for Yuvraj's behavior while Katha hides the truth about the break as per Kavita's request.

She just tells Kailash that she wants to go back to her old apartment so she can have some mental clarity which Kailash accepts with little bit hesitation.

In the meantime, Viaan finally wakes up from an unconscious state and he calls Kailash, begging him to make Katha understand that Viaan still loves her.

He confesses to Kailash that he has committed a very hurtful mistake but if he gets a chance he will make everything right which makes Kailash confused so he cuts the call.

When Kailash asks Katha why she has broken up with Viaan, Katha cries and says that she cannot tell him the real reason as he is her father.

She urges Kailash to trust her because she is doing the right thing while Kailash looks at her with disappointment.

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