Katha Ankahee 5th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 5th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 5th September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 5th September 2023 episode starts with Katha telling Kavita that she cannot have any more babies now after Aarav’s birth.

The big revelation 

She informs Kavita that today she will inform everyone about this news which comes as a big shock for Kavita.

When Katha comes forward, she bravely announces that she will not have any more babies now after Aarav.

Hearing this, Tejji breaks down in tears while Maya confronts Katha for being selfish and not thinking about Tejji and Viaan.

Maya says that Katha should at least confess why she does not want more kids which makes Katha feel pressurized even more.

At the same time, everyone looks at Katha with questions in their eyes, impatiently waiting for Katha’s answer.

As the pressure builds up inside Katha, she finally reveals that she cannot become pregnant.

She tells everyone that she faced some complications during her pregnancy which resulted in her not being able to get pregnant ever again.

This revelation stuns everyone and a pin-drop silence falls in the living room while Katha just stands there with her cheeks turning red in embarrassment.

Just then, Viaan runs into the living room, muttering that he is sorry for arriving here like this but he needs to check how Katha is doing.

He stops in his tracks after learning about how Katha cannot get pregnant, realizing that Katha must be experiencing trauma right now.

Meanwhile, Tejji flops onto the sofa with a thud, rumbling in disbelief that she cannot believe the Raghuvanshi name will be finished with Viaan only since Katha cannot give her grandkid.

Viaan feels very angry at Tejji for listening to her accusing Katha like this when Katha runs away from there.

He tells Tejji that his name and legacy will be continued by Aarav once he grows up yet Tejji keeps repeating how blood relation is important.

She yells in agony that Viaan cannot be a father if he marries Katha which upsets Viaan even more and he reminds her how the Garewal family has accepted him despite not being their son.

Viaan says that Kavita and Kailash consider him as their son now but he is not blood related to them which clearly depicts that bonding is more important than blood.

Viaan assures Katha

Saying this, Viaan rushes away from there and Maya sits beside Tejji to calm her down while Kailash claims that Aarav is a very sharp kid who will surely make Tejji proud.

Tejji, however, does not look convinced and she shouts that it is very easy for Kailash to say these things since Reet has given Kailash a grandson.

Hearing this, Yuvraj comes forward, saying that his parents have never pressured Reet for any boy it was Reet who wanted to have a third baby.

Just then, Kailash angrily announces that Tejji should not assume that Katha and Aarav are alone because he is still alive and he will give Aarav the shares of Aditya in the property.

He clarifies that he will secure Aarav's life properly so Tejji does not need to worry but Reet looks alarmed after hearing this so she suggests to everyone to cool down.

On the other hand, Viaan makes Katha sit down on the bed while he tells her that Aarav has already made him a father so he does not need to have a biological kid.

He tells Katha that he has loved her for who she is which means Katha does not need to feel stressed and Katha just looks at Viaan gratefully.

Meanwhile, Kavita tries to defuse the situation in the living room by saying that she hopes the mehendi that will come for Katha from Raghuvanshi's house will be filled with love when Tejji storms out of there with Maya behind her.

Reet also go after Maya and Tejji when she eavesdrops on their conversation about how Tejji is being childish right now.

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