Katha Ankahee 6th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 6th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 6th June 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 6th June 2023 episode starts with Viaan asking Katha if she has made the food, especially for him with exciting eyes.

Katha replies that she brought this food for everyone and Viaan shows him the small quantity, asking her if this much will feed everyone.

The beginning of KaViaa's love story

As Viaan looks at Katha with cynical eyes, Katha replies that it is prasad which means everyone will eat it in small quantities.

Hearing this, Viaan makes a guilty face as he has eaten most of the food and Katha urges him to finish the rest, promising that she will not tell anyone about it.

As soon as Viaan gets a green signal from Katha, he turns away to prevent anyone from seeing him while Katha chuckles.

After the lunch break, Katha goes to work in her cabin, and as the evening falls, she looks up from her laptop to get a glimpse of Viaan.

She looks disappointed as she does not get to see Viaan at all so she picks up her bags to leave.

However, as she is waiting for her cab's arrival, she seems annoyed since her three cab rides have already been canceled.

Meanwhile, Viaan also comes out of Earthcon at the same time and gets surprised to see Katha standing on the pavement.

He approaches Katha asking her if she needs any help and Katha replies that she is unable to find any cab.

Hearing this, Viaan orders his driver to find a taxi for Katha while Katha looks at Viaan’s car once which gets noticed by Viaan.

He tries to start a conversation with Katha to fill the silence, offering to wait with her.

After a few moments, he finally asks Katha if he can drop her at home and Katha agrees which lights up Viaan's face.

However, as Katha and Viaan settle in the car, the driver arrives there with a taxi which makes KaViaan stare at each other with awkwardness.

Viaan urges his driver to go home using the taxi since he is going to drop Katha while Katha also replies that Viaan can drop her.

During the drive, Katha starts a conversation about new interns but Viaan urges her to talk about something else since they are not working now.

Katha says that she has a private life with Aarav and Neerja just like Viaan has with Tejji.

Viaan corrects Katha by reminding her that Batman is also a very important part of his life which makes Katha look away for a moment.

Viaan and Katha's ice cream date

She soon turns around to remind Viaan about the love of his life making Viaan scared for a bit but his worry turns into a smile as Katha mentions Ehsan's name.

Viaan replies playfully that Ehsan is his soulmate in happiness and sorrow since childhood and that no woman has been able to separate them.

He quickly clarifies that he is talking about the woman in Ehsan's life as he does not have any woman in his life.

Viaan further reveals that he and Ehsan are going to buy a farmhouse when they turn in their seventies and fill it with hundred dogs which cause Katha to recall the moment when she also shared the same plan with Aarav during his cancer.

She also informs Viaan that Aarav has this same dream of buying a farmhouse and Viaan softly says that maybe Katha will come to meet him there with a flirty smile.

He even hypes Katha up, saying that Katha will become an architecture queen who will come to him to buy his farmhouse but he will not sell it and Katha starts laughing.

Viaan admits to Katha that he has changed so much as now he enjoys the rain, spending time with Batman, and also making omelets.

She tells Viaan that her mantra is to go with the flow in her life so Viaan should also think about the future as sometimes some miracles happen automatically whereas, for other miracles, they have to work.

Viaan however slightly disagrees with Katha as he thinks it is worth waiting for precious things in life which for some reason makes Katha's heart skip a beat.

He then notices that the route is crowded & takes another route and in the middle of the road, he finds an ice cream shop that reminds him of his childhood memories.

Viaan excitedly urges Katha to try the delicious ice cream flavors and Katha agrees.

She watches with delight as Viaan exchanges an emotional reunion with the ice cream vendor and after a few moments, Viaan brings the ice cream.

They then sit under a tree to enjoy the ice cream and Viaan observes Katha as she passionately talks about her adventure with Adi.

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