Katha Ankahee 6th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 6th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 6th March 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 6th March 2023 episode starts with Tejji telling Viaan that she rejected that girl because she got the vibe that this girl will separate Viaan from her.

Tejji tells Viaan that she wants to find a bride who will adjust to their life to which Viaan replies that a few days Tejji wanted him to find a girl for himself.

In reply, Tejji urges him to find a girl for himself but she also needs to like that girl.

As Viaan recalls Katha’s smiling figure, his heart skips a beat but he does not say this loud.

He even contemplates whether to confess his feelings just like Tejji always advises him to say what he feels without being too worried about the next person’s reaction.

As Tejji admits that she is feeling a burden has left her chest, Viaan gets silent as he starts thinking this deeply.

Meanwhile, Aarav tells Katha that he tried to fight two men who were misbehaving with Neerja after the karate class which confuses Katha.

Aarav again informs Katha that Neerja got very sad after that and got the call again from the same number.

This makes Katha pause as she recalls how Neerja always gets stressed whenever she gets a call from the wrong number.

In the meantime, Neerja is cooking food in the kitchen when Katha arrives there and Neerja tells her that she is making desi-style Pizza for Aarav.

Neerja even announces that she will distribute some sweets among the colony people while Katha stares at her with kindness.

As Neerja adds that she will prepare water balloons for Aarav so he can play Holi with them, Katha compliments Neerja for understanding the kids this well.

Katha then softly questions Neerja about her kids but Neerja does not answer the question, instead, she focuses on cooking only.

Neerja continues ditching the question while Katha happily suggests she invite her sons to their apartment since Aarav is excited to see them.

This makes Neerja break down in tears and reveals that she left her home due to constant fights with her sons.

Now, she lives in an old age home which makes Katha very sad.

Neerja also admits that there is an unsolved dispute which she never wants to solve as her sons call her now  due to this only.

Pulling Neerja in a hug, Katha sympathetically says that Neerja lives with them in this house so she is their family.

With tears in her eyes, Neerja tells Katha that Katha and Aarav are her family now and when Katha questions Neerja about how she can help her, Neerja does not say anything.

In the meantime, Viaan constantly eyes the lift as he impatiently waits for Katha's arrival when Ehsan greets him cheerfully.

As Ehsan asks Viaan about his trip to Lonavala, Viaan absentmindedly answers that he did not see Ehsan's SMS due to a bad network.

However, Viaan's words die in his throat as the door opens and Katha walks in.

Viaan does not get the chance to talk to Katha as Ehsan starts blabbering about how he thought Katha forgot him due to the trip.

Afterward, as Katha is about to enter her cabin, Viaan stops her and announces that he needs to talk to her but does not get the chance again as an employee interrupts them about the independent architects wanting to meet them.

As the employee mentions that people learn from their past mistakes, Katha gets an idea & excuses herself.

Afterward, Katha investigates Neerja's past whereas Viaan feels restless in his cabin.

Viaan calls Robin aka Aarav for advice since his throat dries up whenever he tries to confess his feelings to Katha.

Aarav advises Viaan to confess everything without being scared and if the girl does not reciprocate his feelings, Viaan should use his charm.

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