Katha Ankahee 6th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 6th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 6th October 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 6th October 2023 episode starts with Katha telling Kailash tearfully that if he considers her as his own daughter then he should never ask her about her relationship with Viaan again.

The turmoil in KaViaan's lives

Hearing this, Kailash looks at Katha with questions in his eyes yet he does not dare to voice them as he can clearly see how Katha is visibly upset.

Kavita also signals Kailash to keep his mouth shut through her eyes while Aarav witnesses this from a distance, hoping to get an answer but his heart gets crushed again since Katha does not say anything more.

At the same time, Katha bids emotional farewell to Kailash and Kavita.

At the hospital, Viaan tells Tejji that his life has turned upside down in just span of one day only.

He has a look of distress in his eyes and Tejji guiltily admits that she should have taken a stand for him throughout his whole life.

Tejji indirectly confesses that previously she was blinded by her motherly love for Viaan as she thought Katha would take Viaan away from her but now she knows Katha and Aarav are Viaan's family.

She further states that Katha has brought Viaan back to life with love only while Viaan assures Tejji by saying that not only Katha and Aarav but also Tejji is his family.

Ehsan arrives in the hospital room and stares at Viaan with sad eyes, suggesting that Viaan should stay at the hospital for today since he is not fit yet.

He even promises Viaan that he will take Viaan to Katha the next day so Viaan should not worry at all.

The Haunting Past

On the other hand, the old dark apartment greets Katha and Aarav gloomily as soon as they walk in.

Aarav runs to his room with tears while Katha stands in the middle of the apartment, letting the haunting memories slowly consume her.

She looks around slowly as everything from furniture to pictures reminds her of the happy moments she has spent with Viaan.

Katha cries her heart out whereas Aarav also looks at the drawing of Robin bird in his room in confusion mixed with hurt and anger, unable to figure out why his life has turned this way.

In the meantime, Ehsan suggests that Viaan call Aarav but Aarav does not pick up Viaan's call just like Katha has ordered which hurts Viaan very badly.

Later, in the night, Tejji shouts at Maya as soon as she comes home, stating that Maya's inner mother has died since she has intentionally hurt Viaan by forcing Katha to leave.

Maya tries to argue that she has done what was best for the Raghuvanshi family to which Tejji replies that Viaan is her family.

The next day, another problem arises for Katha as she gets summoned by Aarav's principal who informs her that Aarav has sent one guy to the hospital by punching him.

This shocks Katha so she goes to have a talk with Aarav and Aarav breaks down crying as he says that he does not want to get scolded again.

Katha reassures Aarav that she loves him more than anything in this world so Aarav needs to speak about why he hit that guy while Aarav just hugs Katha silently.

Meanwhile, Viaan also arrives at the school to inquire about Aarav's situation but he does not find Katha there so when he returns to the hospital, he gets to know from Ehsan that Maya is responsible for Katha's sudden breakup announcement.

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