Katha Ankahee 7th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 7th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 7th September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 7th September 2023 episode starts with Viaan asking Ehsan why he is arguing with Vanya.

Ehsan replies like a wise person that Vanya is a Gen-Z who does not understand his vibe while Vanya looks at him grumpily.

She announces that Viaan should wear the shawl she has brought him but Ehsan urges Viaan to wear the coat he has brought.

Hearing this, Viaan politely declines both Vanya's and Ehsan’s requests by saying that he is happy with his dress.

Just then, Liza arrives at the Raghuvanshi house, reminding everyone that they need to get ready to leave for Garewal's house.

Ehsan then starts flirting with Liza to drive Vanya mad and as soon as Vanya walks away, Liza scolds Ehsan for thinking about how Vanya does not even look bothered by this.

Meanwhile, the Garewal house is buzzing with excitement when Viaan walks into the hall dancing with Ehsan.

Tejji, Farah, and Maya enter the hall with grim faces without any hint of excitement on their faces when Kavita approaches Tejji with the advice that Tejji should accept everything.

Kailash tells Tejji that if she does not accept Katha and Viaan’s relationship wholeheartedly, then Tejji will end up alone.

However, Tejji takes the suggestion in a negative way, assuming that Kailash is mocking her.

On the other hand, Viaan compliments Katha for her mehndi by saying that he hopes the color of the mehndi turns as dark as Katha gets angry at him.

He murmurs that Katha's angry face is written on his heart which catches everyone's attention and they start laughing at him for being cheesy.

Katha orders Viaan to show his mehndi which Viaan accepts gladly but when Viaan opens his plam, Katha gets upset a bit as Viaan has not written her name on the mehndi.

At the same time, Ehsan shouts that Katha should know Viaan has imprinted Katha's name on his chest, and if Katha wants he can show it to her.

This makes Katha's cheeks turn bright red while Viaan drags Ehsan away.

In the meantime, Maya follows Reet to an empty corner but before she can ask Reet about the scandal in Katha's life, Yuvraj arrives there so Maya walks away.

Yuvraj tells Reet that he hopes this time Reet will not cause any trouble for Katha since Katha will be gone very soon, adding that Reet should focus on being positive from now on.

Reet looks pissed after hearing this advice yet she does not say anything to Yuvraj which makes Yuvraj assume that Reet has understood his point.

Afterward, Tejji has a full-blown breakdown in front of everyone, admitting that as a mother she knows that Viaan will regret not having any biological kid.

Hearing this, Viaan shows everyone that tattoo he has drawn on his hand and he even puts the gold chain on Aarav's neck after Tejji announces emotionally that Viraj had kept it for his grandkid.

This act is the last straw for Tejji and she walks away from there with tears in her eyes, telling Maya that Viaan is also going to leave her very soon.

Meanwhile, Farah stares at Ehsan dancing with Vanya with an unpleasant look on her face whereas Tejji falls on the couch in a different room unconscious.

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