Katha Ankahee 8th February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th February 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 8th February 2023 episode starts with Viaan and Katha bumping into each other while getting food from the caterers and Viaan stepping back from getting it.

Katha asks Viaan to take the plate as he came first but Viaan assures her to eat it as he will take another plate and leaves from there.

Viaan comes to the other employees and hears them complimenting the food after which he asks them to let him taste the food too as he is dying from hunger.

Katha watches Viaan in awe while he laughs and jokes along with other employees and eats with a happy face.

Jenny asks everyone to gather around as they will be cutting the cake for Jeetu bhai and Minu aunty’s anniversary.

Jeetu Bhai takes over the mic and thanks everyone for coming to celebrate his happiness along with him and thanks Viaan and Ehsan for organizing such an event.

Jeetu Bhai says that both Minu and Earthcon are inseparable parts of his life without whom he cannot live a day.

Minu takes the mic from Jeetu and says that in these 25 years of togetherness, their only complaint from life is that they do not have a child.

However, Minu says that she gained two responsible sons in this journey of 25 years and shares a sweet moment in front of everyone.

Viaan says that Jeetu bhai has shown them what it is to be loyal and has given his sincere service to Earthcon for innumerable years.

Katha seems fascinated with Viaan’s words as he compliments the relationship and marriage of Jeetu and Minu and says that it takes a lot to spend 25 years with each other.

Ehsan proposes that Jeetu and Minu need to dance together to celebrate their special day despite not agreeing to do it.

Eventually, the pairs start dancing on the dance floor as slow music plays while Ehsan comes to Katha asking for her hand.

Viaan stares with a disappointed face seeing Ehsan and Katha dancing together but tries to keep his cool in front of everyone.

Katha notices Viaan being his ice-cold personality again and wonders why he seems to change his persona so much.

Just then, Aarav calls his Robin and thanks Viaan for helping him in gifting the dress to his mom as it made him the happiest person ever.

Viaan feels good hearing so and gets surprised as Aarav asks him what help he needs as he sounds troubled.

Viaan tells Aarav that he is confused about whether to leave or stay at a party to which Aarav suggests he do whatever his heart tells him to do.

As the employees force Viaan to dance, Viaan lets go of his worries and dances energetically on “Battameez Dil”.

However, seeing Katha smile at Viaan makes Ehsan jealous and he spikes Viaan’s drinks and makes him drink juice mixed with alcohol.

Viaan ends up getting drunk and Ehsan acts as a responsible friend in front of Katha, trying to take care of his friend by dropping him at home.

Katha says that she will help Ehsan to drop Viaan and stares at Viaan with objective eyes while he struggles to stand straight.

After reaching Viaan’s house, Ehsan asks Katha to take care of Viaan for 2 minutes while he brings someone to help them.

Viaan subconsciously tells Katha that he is sorry and asks her why she does not talk to him while Katha stares at him with surprised eyes.

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