Katha Ankahee 8th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th June 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 8th June 2023 episode starts with Katha entering Earthcon with a confident smile.

She meets Jeetu Bhai in the hallway who asks Katha if she thinks they will get the Seoul project.

With a smile, Katha happily replies that from Seoul to Sri Lanka, they will get all kinds of projects.

She then looks up to find Viaan climbing down the stairs and he offers Katha the new coffee he has picked up today.

Viaan’s thoughtful gesture makes Katha smile while Viaan clarifies that he wants to try the new coffee with her as he does not want to deal with the lousy test alone if it tests bad.

They get into the car to go to meet the Korean clients.

Meanwhile, in Garewal's house, Kailash and Kavita plan to invite Katha and Aarav for dinner since they have not met them for a long time.

Kailash’s face lights up as Kavita mentions that she will cook chole bhature for Katha but she makes it clear that Kailash will not get to test it.

Hearing this, Kailash complains to Yohan about how he is deprived of good food.

Kavita then texts Katha, asking her if she can come for dinner today and Katha replies positively instantly.

However, when Viaan hears about Katha’s dinner plan, he gets excited for her, and Katha jokes that Viaan does not understand the taste of delicious food as he is on a diet.

Rolling his eyes, he replies that he eats Chole Bhature once a year and can throw any diet out of the window for tasty food.

Later, as they reach the meeting place, Katha instantly impresses the Koren clients by explaining that Earthcon will open various workshops to teach Koren people about Indian architecture.

Due to the language barrier, a translator translates Hindi into Korean and vice versa.

One of the Korean clients gifts Katha a book about Korean architecture and Katha takes it with just one hand which seems rude to the Korean people.

Viaan instantly comes to Katha’s rescue by explaining to Koreans that his friend is unaware of Korean costumes.

He takes a break to lead Katha out of the meeting room and makes Katha understand that she needs to accept Korean gifts with two hands, otherwise, they consider it rude.

Katha gets impressed as Viaan reveals to Katha that he watches Korean dramas so he knows a lot about South Korea.

He also advises Katha not to use red pens as Koreans consider red pens bad luck.

When they return to the meeting, Viaan praises Katha for being their lead architect while Katha also confidently holds a conversation with the Korean people.

She discusses that Indian culture is very similar to South Korea and Viaan texts Katha, complimenting her for quickly learning how to appreciate the Korean people.

Suddenly one of the Koreans stands up, announcing they listen to Bollywood songs a lot while the senior client coughs loudly.

Later, when Katha and Viaan return to Earthcon, Katha offers to work on the project as the Korean clients need the PPT by the next day and Viaan agrees.

However, Katha does not get the chance to leave for her dinner party as Municipality members and doctors order KaViaan to stay in Viaan's office in quarantine since they can be affected.

The municipality person locks Viaan's office door while Katha and Viaan stay inside and communicate using their phone.

He reveals that the senior Korean person is infected with a variety which is not Covid but they don't know the name of the virus.

Just then, Viaan confesses that his throat is sore now.

At the same time, Ehsan and Jeetu Bhai arrive at the office but Viaan advises everyone to stay calm.

He even urges Katha to keep the news hidden from Aarav until they know further when Aarav calls Katha.

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