Katha Ankahee 8th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th May 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 8th May 2023 episode starts with Katha asking Ehsan if he is hiding something related to Viaan while Ehsan tells him that it is not true. 

However, Katha remains suspicious and tells him both he and Viaan are researching on being a father. 

Ehsan tells her that Viaan has gone mad and asks her to talk some sense to him as he is not listening to her. 

Later, Katha is informed by Jitu Bhai that she'll be leading the con-call since Viaan is going to be absent making Katha go to question him.

Meanwhile, Jitu bhai thanks Vanya for repairing his scooter while Vanya tells him that it is his Guru-Dakshina in advance because she is going to learn so much from him. 

Later, Katha comes to question Viaan while he ignores her words and asks her if she has the presentation that his father had presented.

He reasons that he wants to see if he gets affected or not while Katha leaves saying she cannot help him.

Reet Feels Jealous Of Katha

After a while, Kailash calls Katha to see if she has reached home or not and asks her if he can call her everyday or not.

Katha says that she'll be pleased to have him care for her like a father and disconnects the call.

Reet questions Kailash on why he never shows this much concern to her while Kailash reasons that it is because Katha lives alone and commutes to office everyday.

Reet dislikes Kailash’s concern for Katha and decides to find something about Katha and Viaan that will replace his concern for Katha in anger.  

Katha's Words Of Wisdom

Later, Katha observes Viaan sitting sadly at the tea stall and stops the taxi to meet him. 

Viaan gets surprised to see her as she asks him if he really wants to overcome his feelings for his father.

He nods as he talks about the emotions bottled up inside of him while Katha explains to him that watching a simple video will not help him.

She advises him to face his memories and move past them to overcome those feelings and tells him that his bottled-up feeling will evaporate.

Viaan gets impressed by her and calls her a problem that is forcing him to face his feelings.

After a while, Viaan stops Katha from leaving and recites, “Ibadat Ki Tarah Kerte Hain Pyaar, Jinhe Pata Hai Ki Ant Mein Bas Yaar Hi Lagaaye Paar”.

Katha feels uncomfortable listening to Virat’s thoughts while Viaan thanks her, feeling at peace. 

Viaan Faces His Past

Later, at home, Viaan stands by the balcony recalling Viraj teaching him about legacy and his dream of making Viraj proud.

Another memory of Viraj indirectly confessing that he is going to abandon them as he tells Viaan to not make future plans also surfaces making Viaan upset and angry.

Meanwhile, Viaan of the present complains to him for ruining his one happy memory with him and asks him why he left him alone, and that too for her. 

He cries thinking about his lost dreams where he only wanted to grow up side by side and live every moment with him and not just make buildings.

He agonizes about his feelings and tells Viraj that he had missed him every step of the way and still does. 

Just then Ehsan comes looking for him and worries seeing him cry. 

He goes to Viaan who asks him if he thinks he hates Viraj and reveals that it is not true since he hates the woman Viraj left his family for.

Ehsaan continues comforting Viaan who cries in pain.

On the other hand, Seema is getting ready for an event and asks someone about which earring will look better. 

Elsewhere, Viaan asks Ehsan how can he forgive a woman who is responsible for taking away his father from him forever. 

He looks anxious thinking about explaining his feeling to Katha and why is he not being able to let go of his hatred for that woman. 

Ehsan understands Viaan’s pain and encloses him in his arms to offer comfort telling him to forget everything. 

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