Katha Ankahee 8th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 8th September 2023 episode starts with Aarav discovering Tejji on the couch unconscious.

Aarav shows intelligence

He calls Tejji several times to wake her up while he tries to perform acupuncture to wake her up.

Aarav mutters that he will not let anything happen to Tejji when Kiara finds him in the room and he orders Kiara to bring Katha quickly.

Katha and the whole family enter the room very soon and Viaan tries to make unconscious Tejji sit up.

She orders Viaan not to do this while she appreciates Aarav for using acupuncture.

At the same time, Tejji opens her eyes slowly, telling Aarav that he does not need to massage her anymore since it will be tiring him.

Meanwhile, Maya signals Reet to follow her, and once they are alone, Reet suggests Maya find out how Katha arranged one crore of money for Aarav’s cancer treatment.

Reet briefs Maya about how Aarav had bone marrow cancer and how Kailash also humiliated Katha for asking for the money yet she managed to arrange the money.

She further states that Katha has never taken any help from any N.G.O or bank because if she had taken the help then she would have given that organization credits.

Maya looks impressed by Reet’s suggestion while Reet proudly claims she is very curious about other people’s lives.

The mystery of one crore

The next day, Viaan is taking care of Tejji when Maya walks into the room with the first wedding card of KaViaan’s wedding.

She informs Viaan that she wants to distribute personalized hampers to everyone which fills Viaan with enthusiasm.

Maya then calls Aarav whom she orders to choose clothes for his mom’s wedding and Aarav nods his head excitedly.

She even urges Viaan to take Aarav shopping soon and Viaan walks out of the room for Earthcon.

After Viaan leaves, Tejji eagerly questions Maya if she has the ultimate weapon to break Katha’s wedding with Viaan.

Maya replies cunningly that she needs to find out about the one crore scandal of Katha’s life which is the key to breaking this wedding.

Tejji looks at Maya in confusion after hearing this as she is unsure how Maya will find out about this when she hears Ehsan’s voice coming from the hall, instantly realizing that Ehsan is the key for them.

When they enter the hall, Maya tells Ehsan that she and Tejji want to do a performance for Katha at the sangeet ceremony that will demonstrate KaViaan's love journey.

Hearing this, Ehsan gets so excited and he starts narrating the whole story from how Katha went from being a temporary employee in Earthcon to Viaan's love.

He clarifies that no one in the Earthcon earlier knew about Araav's cancer so no one gave Katha the one crore for his treatment, adding that it is still mysterious to him about how Katha arranged that much money soon.

This clarification disappoints Tejji and Maya since they are accepting a big revelation and the mystery intensifies for Maya even more so she plans to investigate it.

Meanwhile, Katha enters Viaan's office with some paperwork when Viaan suddenly decides to be romantic and pulls Katha in for a hug.

He even gives Katha the wedding card, saying in a flirty tone that he can understand if Katha does not show up at his wedding since his wife is prettier than her while Katha also chimes in that she is also getting married on the same day.

She tells Viaan that he should be threatened by her husband's charming attitude as his husband is the perfect man in this whole world which makes Viaan blush.

He then pulls Katha in for another hug but he quickly lets Katha go when Maya burges into the room unannounced.

She steals Katha away from Viaan by stating that she will not let Viaan talk to Katha until the wedding.

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