Katha Ankahee 9th February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 9th February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 9th February 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 9th February 2023 episode starts with Viaan drinking some water as the memory of last night's dance and Ehsan giving him a soft drink comes rushing back to him.

Viaan gets surprised as the servant mentions that a beautiful lady was also in the car when Ehsan and the servant left him in his room.

At Katha's place, the milk overflows from the mug as Katha keeps wondering about Viaan and his apology.

Neeraj tells Katha that she knows something has happened as Katha sips her coffee silently.

When Neerja gets a call, she acts strangely around Katha but Katha does not notice it.

Meanwhile, Aarav gets praised by his master for breaking the glass on only one try.

While Aarav is feeling upset that Robin has not come today again, two boys who are jealous of him discuss teaching him a lesson tomorrow.

At the office, Viaan asks Katha if she went home safely last night and she affirms.

Viaan states that he does not know why he drank too much last night as he never does this at office parties.

Katha does not say anything while Ehsan looks at them with jealousy from the corridor.

Ehsan asks Viaan if he should send a few glasses of shorts to his office,  causing Viaan to jerk his head to look at Ehsan.

Ehsan clarifies that he was talking about black coffee shots for the hangover while Viaan asks him to meet him in his cabin.

Later, in office, Viaan accuses Ehsan of making him consume alcohol since he did not drink anything else except the juice that Ehsan gave him.

Ehsan pretends to get hurt and says that he just gave the juice to Viaan as he was dancing crazily.

Ehsan reminds Viaan about their childhood friendship to which Viaan replies that he clearly remembers Ehsan telling Katha that he is a tanker of the group.

As Ehsan is walking away, Viaan urges him to leave Katha alone because she is not a one-night stand girl.

Viaan states that Katha is a single mom who has struggled a lot and explains that she and Ehsan want different things in life.

Feeling defensive, Ehsan pleads with Viaan to tell him about Katha’s liking as he has fallen in love.

Once Ehsan walks away, Viaan says that since childhood, Ehsan loves one important thing and then another.

Later, Teji calls Katha to give her some more pictures of Mr. Raghuvanshi and Viaan when they first opened Earthcon.

Ehsan adds that Teji and Mr. Raghuwanshi used to fight a lot but now Tejji has spent her whole life, cherishing the memories.

Hearing this, Katha tells Ehsan with a gloomy expression that it is very tough to let go of people’s memory.

Ehsan expresses being worried about Viaan as Viaan has spent his entire life trying to move on from his father's bad memories.

He again tries to know what happened in Dubai between Katha and Viaan, saying that he can feel the angry spark between Katha and Viaan but Katha refuses to answer.

Ehsan urges Katha to choose a yacht and Katha chooses a yellow one which is Aarav's favorite.

Katha gets stunned when Ehsan makes the call of buying the yacht but Ehsan lies that he just asked Katha for suggestions, nothing else.

Later, Katha goes to Kailash's home to take Aarav home and asks Kailash and Kavita to come to Aarav's school for the grandparents' meeting next week, making Reet feel jealous.

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