Katha Ankahee 9th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 9th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 9th November 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 9th November 2023 episode starts with Katha remembering her conversation with Pranabh where he informs him about the dream house project and that she will assist Viaan in that because it is Raghav’s dream and also because she wants to prove to Viaan that his presence cannot affect her.

Vanya and Ehsan look at her from a distance and then go downstairs and meet her when Viaan says that everyone is happy to see her and also welcome home.

Katha thanks him for welcoming her into his house. Viaan asks her if she is not happy to which she replies that she is happy but the reason is very different from him.

Katha says that their story started with Earth Con and will end with it too.

Ehsan takes Vanya to the office and says that there is nothing to be happy about but Vanya is not ready to listen to him. She says that he should have faith in love and she is rooting for them.

Meanwhile, Viaan takes Katha to her old office seeing which she asks why is Viaan trying to play with her nostalgia as he left everything the same as it was when she left.

Viaan gives a smile and says that she can either work from her cabin or from his because there is no other cabin available.

Katha is annoyed and starts packing everything in the cabin and keeping it outside. Viaan tells her that memories cannot be kept in a box because they are embedded in her heart.

Back at Raghav’s house, Pari is discussing with Raghav and his father why is she not happy with her old job.

Raghav says that Katha is putting in a lot of effort to make this relationship work when it should just go with the flow. He says that he doubts if she will ever fall in love with him.

Pari tells him that she just needs some space and that one day she will fall madly in love with her.

Back at Earth Con, Katha tells Viaan that his project was less practical and more philosopher to which Viaan replies that he learned that trick from a girl named Katha who used to put souls into the buildings.

Katha tells him that one day his bubble will burst and he will wake up but Viaan replies that the dream is too beautiful to be broken.

Viaan then leaves Katha alone with the blueprint and file in case she changes her mind. After Viaan leaves Katha apologizes to him by saying she is hurting him a lot and she is very guilty about it but she has no other option.

Meanwhile, Raghav invites Yuvraj over and talks his heart out. Yuvraj asks him to bring Katha to his house.

Raghav tells him that he has kept her busy by indulging her in his dream house project.

He tells him about Earthcon and Viaan and how Katha is working with him there. This fades the color away from Yuvraj’s face because now he knows that Raghav has no clue about Viaan and Katha.

Back at EarthCon, Viaan and Katha are working on the project while remembering their old times together.

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