Kavach 2 Written Update 1st June 2019

Kavach 2 Written Update 1st June 2019

Kavach  1st June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Kawach 2 1 Jun episode starts with Sandhya’s family. They take her to a temple to make Sandhya get rid of the ghost trouble.

Sandhya prays and is about to devote a coconut, but gets haunted by the ghost. She couldn’t perform the ritual.

Sandhya and Angad’s family start the pre-wedding ritual. Sandhya, again and again, sees the ghost all around the place.

She recollects herself and hides her fear. After getting her Mehndi done, Sandhya gets back to her room for rest.

Sandhya gets haunted by the ghost again. Fortunately, Sandhya’s friend comes on time takes her away.

All want to start the ceremony, but Angad requests all to wait. He wants his friend Kapil to come.

Sandhya says Angad values Kapil more than her. Angad defends and says that she would also start valuing him more.  

Kapil comes to the party when Sandhya is dancing. Sandhya gets stunned to see Kapil. This is the same man whose glimpse Sandhya saw in the temple on the Shivratri night.

Angad introduces Sandhya to Kapil. Sandhya could stop herself from getting attracted towards Kapil. (tellybest.com original wu) Sandhya and Angad’s engagement takes place.

Meanwhile, Ranjana’s father arrives at Sandhya’s marriage. He wants to inquire about her missing daughter, but Sanjana’s father stops him.

Angad’s uncle tries to explain to Ranjana’s father that Sanjana’s engagement ceremony is going on and he shouldn’t disturb anyone now.

He introduces his inspector friend to Ranjana’s father and solaces him that his friend will help in finding Ranjana.

Here, Sandhya receives Ranjana’s call. He couldn’t hear so moves to a corner. She again encounters a ghost.

Angad’s uncle calls Misha to solve the Ranjana’s missing case. Misha is Angad’s ex-gf. Angad still has feelings for her, but Misha wants Angad to move ahead in life.

Misha congratulates Angad on his engagement.

Here, Sandhya again bumps into Kapil. She apologies, but Kapil mocks her. Kapil appreciates Sandhya’s beauty.

Sandhya is confused. She couldn’t understand why Lord Shiv showed Kapil’s face but arranging her marriage with Angad.

Here, Angad asks Misha to keep a low profile at his wedding. He doesn’t want Snadhya to know about his relationship with Misha. Sandhya overhears the conversation.

The written update of 1 June 2019 Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon Se 2 episode full story ends.

Upcoming Kawach season 2 episode update: Sandhya wants to know about Angad and Misha's relationship. 

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