Kavach 2 Written Update 25th August 2019: Saakshi warns about Bhau

Kavach 2 Written Update 25th August 2019: Saakshi warns about Bhau

Kavach  25th August 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Kawach 2 25 Aug episode starts with Rekha coming near the temple to see where the voice came from. Rekha gets scared to hear a voice calling her name.

Sandhya tells her everything about Saakshi stealing her body. She requests Rekha to help him get her family back.

Saakshi scolds Aastha and tells her to stay away from Prem. Angad gets mad at her and says she, not the same old Sandhya.

Saakshi warns Sandhya that she will do something before the end of the day. Meanwhile, Prem tries to warn Angad about Saakshi and Rekha also tells him the truth.

Angad can feel Sandhya’s tears while Sandhya wishes to talk to Angad. Rekha invites Sandhya in her body.

Saakshi seeks help from Tantrics to get rid of Sandhya’s soul. (tellybest.com) Meanwhile, Angad and Sandhya ask Jolly about Saakshi’s hatred.

Jolly tells her the truth while her soul is called in a cave by Tantrics. Sandhya reveals that Jolly was the one who called Saakshi as Sandhya.

He used some girl to call Saakshi and her family at an address where he can kill them. Sandhya says she will sacrifice her life for her sister.

Saakshi feels guilty for misunderstanding Sandhya and decides to leave Sandhya’s body. Saakshi leaves by saying that Bhau will come for Prem.

Later, a crow comes in Prem’s window and later Prem tells Sandhya that Bhau used to come at his house and Saakshi used to be scared of him.

Rekha decides to call Bhau but gets a fit instead. She reaches in a whole other place surrounded by snakes where she hears the voice of various people asking for help.

Rekha comes back and says Bhau is very dangerous.

The written update of 25 August 2019 Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon Se 2 episode full story ends.

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