Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 11th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 11th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 11th October 2023 episode starts with Jaydeep asking Kavya if she wants to go back to the academy as her health does not seem right suddenly.

Kavya says that her motivation has spiked more than ever after hearing all these things regarding Basantkhedi as she needs to go there and prove the innocence of those doctors.

Jaydeep and Mrs Sinha stare at Kavya while she gets on a wall and hear Payel talking about beating up the doctors which triggers her sensitive mindset.

Kavya asks Payel not to get behind her team and increase her pace after which Kavy runs forward in speed with Adhiraj going after her.

Remembering all the things said by everyone, Kavya feels like her temper rising and loses control of her pace which leads her to slip in her footing.

Kavya falls at the edge of a cliff and hangs with a mere branch after which Adhiraj comes there and spots Kavya hanging at the opening of the deep cliff.

Adhiraj comes toward the branch with careful steps as the land is steep and extends his hand to Kavya, asking her to get a hold of him and not look down.

Kavya screams in nervousness and holds onto Adhiraj's hand but Adhiraj's foot gets misplaced due to a rock and he hits his shoulder by the side with a thud.

However, Adhiraj does not give up and asks Kavya to try again as he is going to let her hang into the mouth of death when other OTs also come there and are shocked.

Anuja and Karan throw the rope toward Adhiraj and Kavya after which they pull Kavya out of the edge and she falls on Adhiraj while huffing from exhaustion.

Kavya and Adhiraj get taken to the hospital for treatment and check for any fracture or broken bone after which the doctor tells Kavya that she might have fractured her hand.

Hearing that, Kavya panics a bit but Adhiraj makes her laugh by making jokes which lightens up the mood.

After Adhiraj leaves to get an X-ray done, Jaydeep asks Kavya if she is all right in a concerned tone and scolds her a bit for putting her life in danger.

Kavya gets a glimpse of her old mentor while looking at Jaydeep and smiles at him, saying that she is fine.

Outside the hospital room, the OTs almost get into an argument with each other regarding the competition in trekking when Adhiraj comes there and distracts them with his jokes.

The footage of Kavya hanging from a branch and Adhiraj saving her goes viral on the news and the academy's name comes in the headlines which shocks everyone.

Kavya sees the video and wonders who might have recorded the whole thing when her parents call her and ask if she is fine to which Kavya assures them not to worry about her.

Jaydeep gets a call from Gauri who tells him that Kavya must have done everything by herself to sabotage him and his position.

Asking Gauri to calm down, Jaydeep turns toward Kavya while the interview of her family plays and Mayank tells the reporters that Jaydeep is the person responsible for Kavya's condition.

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