Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 12th January 2024 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 12th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 12th January 2024 episode starts with Malini coming to Kavya and apologizing to her for calling her as all the family members have insulted Kavya constantly.

Kavya says that she is ready to do anything for Malini's sake after which Malini says that they need to do something to stop Adi from jumping into the fire.

Malini says that she should give shagun to Kavya after which she brings her purse from which the letter written by Kavya drops to the floor.

Kavya leaves after accepting the shagun as she needs to come back for the wedding after some time.

As Kavya gets ready for the wedding ceremony, Mayank asks her not to go there as she should just reveal the fact that Giriraj has made her break up with Adi in exchange of releasing him from jail.

Kavya assures Mayank that everything will be fine as she is going there to stop the wedding after which she leaves with Mayank shouting about the deal behind her.

Rajeev appears and asks Mayank what deal he is talking about while Mayank stands there with a nervous expression.

Meanwhile, the whole Pradhan resident has been decorated for the wedding with everyone dancing around for the entry of the bride and groom after which Adi comes downstairs.

Kavya stands at a distance with a sad face and tries to walk away while Adi comes to her by missing the chance to step on the letter that is lying around.

Adi gives Kavya his brooch and asks her to tie it to his sherwani while Kavya does it without any objection which irritates Adi even more.

To test out Kavya, Adi says that he has not gone to meet Radhika as the groom and bride should not see each other's faces before the wedding takes place.

Adi tells himself that he just wants to hear Kavya say that she loves him which is enough for him to stop his marriage and return to her without any questions.

After Adi leaves, Malini comes to Kavya and says that she has done everything according to their plan while Omi comes to see Radhika and compliments her on how good she looks.

Omi's eyes fall on the broken bracelet in one of the jewellery boxes after which he realizes that Radhika has been telling lies regarding the fire case.

Kavya and Malini enter the room and ask Omi to reveal the truth to Adi so that the wedding can be stopped after which Omi marches downstairs to expose Radhika's true colors.

Meanwhile, Rajeev discovers the deal between Kavya and Giriraj and says that he still wants Kavya to stay separate from Adi as he does not wish his daughter to go to the Pradhan household.

Omi comes to the mandap but changes his words last minute and talks about the honeymoon which leaves Malini and Kavya shocked.

A flashback shows Omi reading Radhika's message which says that Giriraj can send Adi back to jail which makes him shut his mouth and fails the plan.

However, Adi notices a note on the ground and picks it up to see what is there inside to read from it.

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