Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 13th December 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 13th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 13th December 2023 episode starts with Kavya getting thrown outside the house by Adi as he brings her in his arms.

Kavya tells Adi that she just needs a chance to apologize to him and will not disappoint him the way she did the previous day.

However, Adi says that he is angry at Kavya and asks Mayank to take her back home as he does not want Kavya to stay outside and cause a scene.

Kavya says that she will stay outside Adi's house and wait for him until he forgives her to which Adi does not mind that much and goes inside.

Mayank tries to convince Kavya by reminding her about the files that she needs to read from her office while Kavya asks him to bring those from the house.

Meanwhile, Omi searches for the speech that he will say at the interview while his wife is practising English without knowing that she has touched it.

Giriraj tells Malini that he has decided to say Adi's name for the selection of his next predecessor who would lead the party and get the position.

Malini says that Giriraj should not drag Adi into this political mess as he does not want to become anything like that in his life.

Kavya looks at the files outside Adi's house and falls asleep on the bench after which Adi wakes up the next day and is shocked to see Kavya sleeping outside.

Adi rushes outside with his shirt to cover Kavya from the cold and asks her why she did not return home in the night.

Kavya says that she needs to be forgiven by him and admits that she had mistakenly burst out in anger at him which was wrong from her side.

Adi reminds Kavya that she had decided to manage both work and personal life at the same time but is failing at it on her first day.

With the fight finally getting resolved, Kavya promises that she will not express her frustration with Adi in any way after which she returns home.

Meanwhile, Mayank tries to hide the fact that Kavya is not at home but Anjali almost guesses it when Kavya comes and says that she went jogging.

At the breakfast table, Malini says that Giriraj is going to recommend Omi for the party ticket which leaves Giriraj staring at her and Omi says that he will make him proud.

Omi's interview goes viral as he pronounces the 'experience' word as expired which cracks up Adi but Giriraj gets angry at Omi and leaves the table.

Giriraj tells Malini that she should prepare Adi for politics as they have no option left to them.

At the same time, Kavya reports to Amanpreet and tells her about her assessment of the situation when some workers from the alcohol factory protest outside the office as they want to see Kavya who had raided their workplace.

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