Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 13th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 13th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 13th November 2023 episode starts with Kavya staring at the police as they confiscate the money while Anjali denies the money beloging to them as the packet has been given to them.

The inspector says that Anjali’s statement seems changed as she mentioned that the packet contained the belongings of her daughter.

Shubh tries to tell the inspector that the packet was brought by someone else but Kavya says that nothing can be proved by saying such a thing as the police will not listen to them.

Kavya says that they cannot interfere in the working protocol of the police as they working according to the evidence they have received.

The inspector comes to Rajeev and announces that he is under arrest because of taking bribes and permitting free electricity to the orphanage which is against the rules.

Rajeev urges that he has not done anything and the decision was taken by the department but the inspector asks Rajeev to say those things in the court later.

Anjali and Mayank try to stop the police from taking away Rajeev when Shubh asks Kavya to do something and Kavya says that she cannot do anything at that moment.

Kavya says that they can only try to prove that Rajeev is innocent but as the money has been discovered from their house, the police will charge Rajeev as the offender only.

As the police van leaves with Rajeev, Kavya asks Gauri to stay back a bit as she and her family leaves their home to go to the police station with Shubh.

On reaching the police station, Kavya, Mayank, and Anjali get emotional on seeing Rajeev inside jail and Kavya comes to talk to the inspector.

The inspector says that nothing can be done as the money has been found in their house already and Kavya says that she can exercise her rights there.

Kavya says that she has the right to information as a citizen after which the inspector tells her the charges and accusations based on which Rajeeev has been arrested.

Shubh says that they should arrange a lawyer for bail but Kavya reminds him that the next two days court will remain closed which is why they need to get evidence to drop the charges.

Kavya comes to talk to Rajeev and asks him why he did not charge bill from the orphanage to which Rajeev says that it was departmental decision.

As Kavya asks Rajeev about the written orders, Rajeev says that he does not have such a thing which leaves Kavya dissappointed.

Asking Shubh to be with Anjali and Mayank, Kavya decides to meet Rajeev’s senior officer while Shubh assures her that he is with her in everything.

Kavya comes to meet Joshi who tells her that he does not know anything about this special relief and blames Rajeev for the entire scandal.

As Kavya demands for the order that gave relief to the orphanage, Joshi shows her the file which only has order upto four years ago after which he asks Kavya to leave.

Kavya says that she is aware that Joshi is with the other side who have trapped her father in this case.

After that Kavya decides to visit the orphanage and gets shocked to see the children studying outside with candles.

Kavya talks to the person in charge and discovers that they have not paid the bill since the last 8 months which leaves her confused.

However, on hearing the current problem of the children requiring light for their exams, Kavya brings them to Giriraj’s house.

Giriraj is left shocked to see so many children while Kavya tells him that those children need light to study and their orphanage electricity has been cut.

Kavya says that she expects the power minister to help these children or else provide power in their orphanage which leaves Giriraj speechless. 

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