Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 15th December 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 15th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 15th December 2023 episode starts with Kavya trying to warm herself up in the cold storage facility.

The temperature scale starts dropping from 7 degrees Celsius to 6, while Kavya tries to regulate it but fails.

She panics and starts yelling no, seeing the temperature scale.

Mayank calls Adi and inquires about Kavya as he is worried about her whereabouts when Anjali comes, asking him what's wrong.

He brushes her up, saying that he was talking to his girlfriend and leaves nervously but Anjali stops him and says that she knows that he is lying as he is sweating.

Elsewhere, Adi reaches the godown and searches for Kavya but finds nothing.

Meanwhile, Kavya sits in a cardboard box to warm herself up but it does not work as cold air keeps coming out of the vent.

Kavya remembers that she once taught Mayank that cold catches a person from head to toe so one should cover these first.

She takes a plastic wrap and wraps it around her leg, head, and the rest of the body.

Meanwhile, Adi calls for Kavya and then finds the cold facility storage room whose temperature is dropping significantly.

Amanpreet and Chaddha Ji join him as well but they don't give much importance to after which they all go to Inspector Khan.

Amanpreet says that Kavya is an IAS officer and he should be able to track her down as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Kavya hallucinates Adi that he has come to rescue her.

She says that she loves how Adi smiles with all his teeth out and how his nose goes red in anger.

She asks Adi if he has forgiven her, saying that she will keep on apologizing to him as without him, she does not like anything.

Elsewhere, Omkar comes and taunts him that no matter what Giriraj does, Adiraj will always choose Kavya over him.

Giriraj says that it is because of his evil doings 14 years ago that he is dealing with these repercussions.

Back in the godown, Adi calls Kavya's name and she hears it from the cold facility, trying to call him back but she cannot bring her voice to her throat.

She again hallucinates Adi motivating her to get up and call his name as she is the strongest person he knows.

Kavya gets up with the utmost difficulty and feebly knocks on the door of the facility while stammering in pain.

Meanwhile, Anjali asks Mayank why is he crying as he never does this and it is making her heart very heavy.

Mayank cries that they cannot find Kavya as they get a call from her office reporting that she is missing.

Anjali starts crying too and blames him for not telling to her earlier to which he replies that he got scared.

Back in the cold storage, Kavya gains some power and knocks on the door of the facility while Amanpreet tells Adiraj to go back to the office as Kavya is not there.

Adiraj thinks to himself that if only Kavya gives him a hint of being there somehow then he would save her in a heartbeat.

Kavya slides a heart cutting through the space below the door to give Adi a sign that she is there only.

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