Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 15th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 15th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 15th November 2023 episode starts with Kavya returning to the orphanage with the children after Giriraj brings back the electricity in the facility through his connections.

The caretaker thanks Kavya for her help while the children jump playfully, seeing the lights working properly so they would be able to study properly.

Kavya assures the caretaker that she will look into the matter and will find a solution as an orphanage cannot have such a high electricity bill.

As Kavya is about to leave, she notices the children looking at something and laughing which turns out to be a TV that they can see from far away in another house.

Kavya asks them to enjoy their watch and returns home exhausted from the whole day’s physical and mental fatigue.

Shubh comes to Kavya, asking her why she did not answer any of his calls to which Kavya says that she was busy and does not want to continue that conversation.

Adi comes to apologize to Kavya after Malini suggests him and practices what he should tell Kavya after he sees her.

Meanwhile, a postman comes and delivers a letter which turns out to be the suspension letter of Rajeev from his job.

Kavya is left shocked upon seeing the letter and tells Shubh about the matter while she breaks down into tears and Shubh tries to comfort her.

Adi enters the outer gate and walks inside to spot Shubh hugging Kavya while she is crying which makes his heart shatter into a thousand pieces.

Thinking about how he wants Kavya to be happy, it hurts Adi to see her in pain and Shubh being her support instead of him.

Adi says that Malini wished for Adi and Kavya’s marriage but fate is indicating in some other direction which he does not want to think about.

Suddenly, Adi trips over a stone and hides while rubbing his shoulder, making Kavya feel that someone is present there and she starts looking around.

Shubh tells Kavya that no one is there other than them but Kavya’s heart feels that someone her own has come to see her.

Adi barely manages to remain silent when Sanjeev comes there and starts asking him why he is hiding in a loud tone.

Both Adi and Sanjeev fall down and Adi kisses Sanjeev on his cheeks, making him panic hard.

Kavya notices Shubh holding her hand and asks him to go home after thanking him for being there with her throughout the day.

After Shubh leaves, Sanjeev asks Adi if his and Kavya’s love story has started to which Adi comments that the story has ended even before starting.

Sanjeev asks Adi to come with him as he knows how to comfort Adi’s broken heart while Kavya finds Anjali in a bad state.

Anjali refuses to celebrate Diwali and does not even eat anything but Kavya decorates the house, promising her that they will celebrate Diwali happily together.

Kavya makes Anjali eat dinner after which she has a talk with Mayank who checks on her as she always takes the burden on herself.

Elsewhere, Sanjeev suggests they drink alcohol which brings a great idea to Adi’s mind and he comes to Omi, acting like he is drunk.

Adi and Omi start drinking together and Omi says that he has committed grave mistakes against Adi for which he feels guilty.

Omi adds that he has done everything as per Giriraj’s commands, making Adi’s predictions turn into reality.

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