Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 16th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 16th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 16th October 2023 episode starts with everyone staying shocked as they realize that it is Adhiraj who spread the video to the media.

Mrs Sinha brings Adhiraj to Jaydeep's office and Giriraj comes there asking if he can converse with his son for some moments for which Jaydeep agrees.

Giriraj asks Adhiraj if he has done such a thing in reality or if he is just taking the blame to which Adhiraj replies that either way it does not matter to him.

Adhiraj's answer irritates Giriraj and says that everything matters as he is the son of a famous politician and his every move gets observed.

Adhiraj says that it is better this way as he will be thrown out of the academy which is exactly the thing Giriraj wanted to happen from the beginning.

Giriraj says that Adhiraj is not some old jeans that will get thrown out and says that Adhiraj has all the qualities of being a good politician making Adhiraj laugh.

Adhiraj says that the two words do not sit together and leave the room after which Jaydeep comes and Giriraj suggests to him that they play the safe route and make Kavya the villain.

Giriraj says that they will show that Adhiraj saved Kavya like a hero but her mental state is an issue to discuss which will solve the entire matter about the case.

The OTs get stressed thinking about the matter when Adhiraj comes there along with Mrs Sinha who puts up the notice for the selected candidates who will go to Basantkhedi.

Kavya is devastated to find that her name is not there on the list after which Adhiraj finds that his name is on there and says that he does not want to go to that village.

Hearing that Kavya runs out of the building with Adhiraj coming after her and bumps into Jaydeep after which she asks him why he rejected her from the village visit.

Jaydeep says that he is not answerable to her for rejecting her but Kavya pleads that she wants to know about the matter and Jaydeep tells her that her mental state is not stable.

Adhiraj comes to Kavya and asks her to calm down but Kavya says that everything happened because of him as he had leaked the video.

Kavya's statement makes Adhiraj confused and he tries to convey that he is the one responsible for this situation but Kavya blames her for releasing the video.

Kavya says that Adhiraj has bought the media with the help of his father and now she has to bear the consequences by becoming the villain who has an unstable mind.

Adhiraj says that his father does not do anything for him which makes Kavya laugh and she asks Adhiraj to leave as she is not interested in talking to him.

Kavya says that now the academy will do everything it can to ensure that Kavya gets thrown out of there because of her faults.

Saying that Kavya walks away and does not listen to Adhiraj anymore as she feels betrayed by his actions toward her.

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