Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 18th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 18th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 18th October 2023 episode starts with Kavya running out of the room where all the OTs are watching the interview so that she can interfere at the press conference.

However, Adhiraj stops Kavya from going inside the room as she argues with the staff to go inside and prove that she is not mentally ill and is perfectly fit for the village visit.

Adhiraj tells Kavya that she is sabotaging her whole career by taking such a step and degrading her own name after which he drags her back to the room where others are present.

Kavya asks Adhiraj why he is stopping her as it is very important for her to go inside and tell everyone that she is not what Jaydeep is saying and there is no truth in the statement.

Adhiraj says that everything will be all right and asks Kavya to wait a bit when a journalist stands up and asks Jaydeep on what basis he is declaring that Kavya does not have a balanced mental state.

Jaydeep gets taken back by hearing such a question while the journalist confidentially says that they have talked to the doctor's team who have confirmed that Kavya is good to go for the training and that her performance has always been top-notch.

As silence prevails at the conference with the question, Kavya realizes that everything has been planned by Adhiraj and stares at him with shocked eyes.

Adhiraj says that people need to do what others are doing to them and a flashback shows Adhiraj talking to his journalist friend and giving him the inside information.

Kavya says that she does not want Jaydeep to suffer for anything to which Adhiraj joins his hands and says that Kavya is a great soul who knows no revenge.

Meanwhile, the other reporters start asking questions about Jaydeep's silence when Jaydeep says that Kavya's performance and training scores are good and have no problem.

Without concluding the session properly, Jaydeep announces that he is ending the press conference and stands up but a hand raises which turns out to be none other than Adi's mother, Malini.

Malini says that she has a question for Jaydeep and says that she is an ex-IAS officer who was two years junior to Jaydeep's batch.

Reminding Jaydeep about a trainee who got lenient treatment from the academy because of his fractured arm, Malini says that the OTs and academy have always thought about each other like a family.

Malini says that the OT was none other than Jaydeep himself which silences him and she asks that Kavya's name be there on the list of OTs for Basantkhedi.

As Malini holds the mic at Giriraj's face, he says yes and starts clapping after which Jaydeep says that he agrees with Malini and decides to add Kavya's name to the list.

Kavya is shocked to hear about Malini being an ex-IAS officer and she and Adi bump into Giriraj and Malini in the corridor.

Giriraj leaves after warning Adi and Kavya to stay within their limits but Malini tells Adhiraj that she feels much lighter after announcing her own opinion at the conference.

Meanwhile, Rajeev and Anjali confront Jaydeep and say that the truth will always win while Jaydeep frightens them by saying that they are sending their second daughter where their first daughter died.

Kavya says that her family can withstand any danger as they have the sadness and grief of losing someone.

Kavya's friends come and congratulate her for getting selected after which they make plans together on how they will get ready for the trip.

However, Anjali seems to be a bit afraid to send Kavya to Basantkhedi but Kavya says that she has accepted the challenge and will succeed by herself.

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