Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 19th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 19th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 19th October 2023 episode starts with all the OTs leaving the academy for their visit to the Basantkhedi village after bidding goodbye to their parents.

Adhiraj says goodbye to Malini and says that he will try his best to put up a good performance there which makes Malini happy.

Giriraj remembers how he wants to get the land of the Basantkhedi hospital and instigates Adhiraj by saying that he should improve the hospital for his sake as his name would get better in that village making Adhiraj angry.

Adhiraj says that he always takes care of his father's political reputation and will surely do his best to glorify Giriraj's name in the village in a sarcastic tone.

On the other hand, Kavya hugs Anjali and bids goodbye to her along with Rajeev and asks them to take care of themselves with Mayank who is important too.

Coming to Malini, Kavya hugs her to take her blessings for her trip and Malini greets Kavya with a smile while Giriraj glares at them from a distance.

Jaydeep gets a call from Shubh telling him that Kavya should not get hurt in any way as he still loves her very much and will do something to himself if anything happens to her.

With everything getting concluded, the OTs board the bus waiting for them and take their seats for the departure.

Anuja intentionally sits on another seat while Sanjeev saves her a seat which gets taken by Payel at the end.

Kavya seems to be angry at Adhiraj about the video and ignores him while Adhiraj says that he saved the seat for her, especially beside his own.

Sanjeev notices Kavya telling Adhiraj that she's not forgiven him for leaking the video as he thinks that no one can do anything to him.

After the journey starts, Sanjeev comes beside Kavya and tells her that he was the one who leaked the video unintentionally which makes Kavya regret the way she spoke to Adhiraj.

Sanjeev says sorry to Kavya for making such a mistake after which Kavya comes to Adhiraj and sits beside him but he moves away from her.

Kavya gets grumpy and turns around from Adhiraj while he smiles off the whole thing with a light expression as he finds Kavya's attitude very cute.

Adhiraj says that he is lightly trying to flirt with Kavya which makes Kavya laugh and they stare into each other's eyes.

The others drag them to dance to songs and Kavya falls on Adhiraj's lap due to a speed breaker which creates an intimate moment between them.

However, the eye contact gets broken as Kavya gets a call from Shubh and answers it saying that she is doing well.

Shubh asks Kavya not to go to Basantkhedi if possible, to which Kavya says that she cannot always run from the problem and needs to win over it.

Kavya gets emotional as Shubh asks her if she misses him and nothing comes out of her mouth which Adhiraj notices.

Meanwhile, Malini talks with Anjali after she spots Anjali crying alone and Anjali hears how Giriraj talks to Malini which makes the two women bond with each other.

As everyone reach Basantkhedi, Kavya gets flashbacks of the day she came there with her parents and found Navya death after she jumped from a building.

Kavya gets into an auto and sheds tears as that grief and trauma fills her head and she thinks about how she can overwrite that incident with a new chapter.

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