Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 1st December 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 1st December 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 1st December 2023 episode starts with Shubh coming to Kavya's house in search of Kavya so that he can convince her not to tell the truth to anyone.

Rajeev lashes out at Shubh as he spots him and says that he will never forgive Shubh as his actions are leading Kavya to destroy her career with her own hands.

Shubh says that he needs to meet Kavya once to which Anjali replies that Kavya is not at home after which they throw Shubh out of the house.

Realizing that Kavya must have gone to the academy so that she could tell the committee about Shubh's lies, Shubh gets nervous and comes back home to ask Gauri about what he should do.

Gauri signals Shubh to be silent but Shubh says that Kavya is going to reveal his lies and misdeeds which Jaydeep hears while he is sitting at the other corner of the house.

Jaydeep asks Shubh what lies he is talking about which leaves both Shubh and Gauri in a tight position.

Meanwhile, Adi and Kavya go through the same road to reach their individual destinations when their cars stand across each other in the traffic jam.

However, as Adi turns his head toward Kavya's car, a bike comes in between which blocks the view on the other side and does not make Adi or Kavya see each other.

Elsewhere, Jaydeep is stunned to hear the truth and screams at Shubh as his actions lead to the suspension of an innocent person.

Gauri tries to support Shubh and tells Adhiraj that Shubh did everything for his love but Jaydeep remains disappointed in his son and asks Shubh to leave.

Shubh thinks about a plan to save himself and calls Adi which makes Adi suspicious but he turns serious as Kavya is mentioned and Shubh reveals that she is going to destroy her career to save him.

Adi is shocked and tries to call Kavya but her phone does not have a network after which Adi tries to know where Kavya is.

Meanwhile, Kavya notices a man taking drugs at the intersection after which they face police checking where cars are being searched for drugs.

Seeing that the police are letting the man go without any checking, Kavya stops the car and asks the officers to check the car once.

Kavya sits on the top of the car and later reveals the drugs from the man's bag but she pushes one of the officers due to the chaos which gets her arrested.

Adi reaches there and tries to tell Kavya that she is doing the wrong thing while the officers try to stop him from going near Kavya.

By climbing on the police van, Adi gets himself arrested after which he tells Kavya that he does not want her to sacrifice her career because of him.

Kavya says that she is doing the right thing to which Adi says that he does not want the seat but only her in her life as she is always in his heart.

Adi proposes his love to Kavya by telling her that he has always chosen her which makes Kavya feel dreamy in love.

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