Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 21st November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 21st November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 21st November 2023 episode starts with Kavya telling Rajeev that she did not say yes to the marriage when Anjali enters the room.

Anjali says that she heard kavya saying yes with her own ears which makes Rajeev calm her down after which Kavya reveals that she was just responding from a state of shock.

Rajeev and Anjali are shocked to hear Kavya as she says that she can never think about saying yes as she does not know her own heart after Shubh showed his true colours.

Anjali tells Kavya that Shubh has changed himself for her sake and she should think about the matter seriously to which Kavya asks Anjali if people can change that easily.

Rajeev makes Kavya sit and says that Anjali is not saying the wrong thing as she also wants Kavya's happiness so that she can live her life happily after marriage.

Kavya is perplexed and says that she needs time to think about marriage which leaves Rajeev and Anjali in trouble.

Meanwhile, Adi asks for food at the dining table with a frustrated voice after which Malini comes to talk to Giriraj in the bedroom, asking him if he is happy now that Adi is suffering.

Malini says that Giriraj did not do a good thing by interfering in his son's life as Kavya is the girl Adi loves but lost her due to his father.

As Malini says Giriraj must have seen Malini Pradhan in Kavya Bansal, Giriraj says that he is just protecting his son from people who will hurt him in the future.

Giriraj talks about the sadness that Malini has gifted him in the past which makes Malini silent as Giriraj mentions that she snatched away their first child from coming to this world in her stubbornness to become an IAS officer.

Malini sits with a worried face while Giriraj says that he still feels sad on remembering the matter which is why he needs to protect his sons.

Mayank talks to Sanjeev and tells him that they cannot let Kavya and Adi's story end like this as it needs closure.

Sanjeev asks Mayank if Kavya has ever told him that she hates Shubh to which Mayank replies with a no and Sanjeev says that it is not possible for them to know Kavya's feelings.

Mayank gets curious as Sanjeev says that they need to bring Kavya and Adi under the same roof so that they can confess their honest feelings.

The next day, Omi's wife calls Kavya and asks her to come to the Diwali party that they have organized at their house on Sanjeev's request.

However, Kavya refuses the invitation and notices that Mayank is not talking to her directly.

Bringing Mayank to her room, she asks him why he is angry at her to which Mayank asks Kavya not to marry Shubh.

Kavya says that she is confused as to how Shubh brought in something like that letter to which Mayank asks Kavya to come to the Diwali party at the Pradhan's residence to investigate the matter.

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