Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 22nd November 2023 episode starts with Mayank trying his best to convince Kavya to go to the Diwali party where Adi will be present.

Kavya thinks about the matter and agrees they need to look around to know how Shubh got that letter signed by Giriraj Pradhan.

Mayank gets happy while Kavya stands by the window in deep thought.

On the other hand, Adi's friend tells him that Kavya might also come to the Diwali party which halts Adi's push-up exercise. 

Meanwhile, Mayank tells the happy news to Anuja who praises him for his convincing skills.

Shubh is eating his breakfast, mulling over the fact that Kavya will be his wife when Gauri appears there.

Jaydeep also comes there and asks Shubh how he got Giriraj's signature on the papers.

Not convinced by his answer, Jaydeep internally thinks that neither Shubh is capable nor Giriraj is an easy man.

On the other hand, Giriraj is trying to placate an upset Malini but she taunts him in such a way that it hits Giriraj's ego.

He stands up from his chair and tells Malini that he won't beg for her help and orders Omi to finish his food fast who has to abruptly sit up from his seat.

Meanwhile, Kavya notices Mayank staring at Anuja with deep admiration in his eyes.

Subtly, she teases him to let the girl win his heart, referring to Kavya when Anjali asks Kavya to also wait for Shubh after which they can go to this Diwali party together.

Mayank tells Anjali that Shubh doesn't know this friend and they are getting late.

Kavya gets an email informing her that she has been posted to Kanpur, she shares the news with her family after which they all congratulate her.

At Giriraj's house, Adi is ready when his friend again reminds him that Kavya is also coming to attend the party.

A servant informs Malini who just entered the room that the "Halwa" she told him to make is ready.

However, Malini gets exasperated and angry when Adi asks her to calm down.

She doesn't give him a straight answer after which Kavya's topic springs up.

Adi leaves the spot and says that his heart isn't big enough to see Kavya with another guy.

Just as these words escape his mouth, he collides with Kavya who holds onto him, preventing him from falling.

Both Mayank and Anuja widen their eyes in shock but Shubh also comes there.

Kavya straightens herself out while Shubh asks her if she didn't tell him she was going to come here.

Adi taunts her by saying that she is trying to hide him and makes Anuja twirl by his side, stating the party has begun.

Malini smiles as Kavya looks at her while Adi's Bua (Paternal Aunt) tells her that they need to wait and see how Kavya realizes she also loves Adi.

In the meantime, the game of cards begins and Adi wins the first round which irks Shubh and he asks him to shuffle the cards again.

Adi taunts him by saying he will gladly do it if Shubh wants to lose again and in the midst of playing, Adi tries to make Kavya jealous by leaning on Anuja.

Kavya does the same by leaning on Shubh.

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