Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 25th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 25th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 25th October 2023 episode starts with Adhiraj bringing breakfast for Kavya before they leave for their responsibilities as a new day starts.

Kavya does not talk to Adhiraj and straight up ignores him which leaves Adhiraj confused and he asks Kavya why she is behaving like that all of a sudden.

Adhiraj asks Kavya to eat before she leaves but Kavya takes her bag and is about to leave when Jaydeep visits the OTs to check on their progress.

Jaydeep says that he has been busy in the field looking after the other batches and has come to check how the pairs have decided to handle their projects.

Payel and Karan show their progress file with their planning for cleaning the dam which impresses Jaydeep and he says that it is very cost-effective.

Jaydeep tells everyone that Anusha and Sanjeev's project is the best-planned solution to date among all the OTs he is analyzing which makes everyone clap for them.

Kavya hands her file while she and Adhiraj stare at each other awkwardly and Jaydeep asks Kavya why there is no progress in the project.

Jaydeep says that he can replace the project with another one to which Kavya replies that she wants to complete the hospital project but does not want Adi as her partner.

Adi is left shocked with everyone getting silent seeing the sudden clash between Kavya and Adi while Jaydeep says that he cannot adjust things according to Kavya's comfort as she will be needed to work with various people from time to time.

Kavya says that her and Adi's views do not match and there are attitude problems but Jaydeep announces that his decision will not change and leaves.

Adi asks Kavya why she made such a demand to Jaydeep but Kavya leaves and does not answer Adi which angers him.

Kavya comes to the rooftop of the hospital building with Adi coming after her and asking Kavya what happened all of a sudden.

Adi gets silent as Kavya asks her why he showed the file to his brother after which Adi tries to convince Kavya that Omi is not the person responsible for the vendors.

As Adi asks Kavya why she is so obsessed about the hospital, Kavya tells Adi that the Navya Bansal they make fun of and accuse of murders is actually her elder sister.

Adi is left shocked and asks Kavya to calm down as he did not know the truth which is why he committed such a mistake.

Kavya walks away from the roof after telling Adi that she will reopen the hospital on her own while the watchman overhears the entire conversation.

Adi stops Kavya from going to the villagers and revealing the truth but Kavya locks him inside the building and decides to take the risk as she has no time.

Kavya comes to the sarpanch and asks them to help her in reopening the hospital but they ask her not to touch the hospital as no one wants that facility to open again.

Seeing Kavya taking the side of the doctors who worked there, one of the villagers asks her if she is related to any of the doctors and Kavya announces that Navya Bansal was her elder sister.

Kavya tells the villagers that they should move on from the past as she has also lost her sister in the same way they lost their children.

The villagers get agitated and tell Kavya that she should die as she is related to the murderer when Adi comes there and says that he will deal with Kavya first.

As Adi and Kavya run away from there, the villagers chase them while Omi informs Giriraj that he has sent goons to the sarpanch who will teach Kavya a hard lesson.

Kavya gets emotional as she witnesses Adhiraj protecting her from the villagers while they try to escape.

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