Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 25th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 25th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 25th September 2023 episode starts with Kavya giving an interview online to a man who asks her what she can do to become an IAS.

The beginning of Kavya's journey

Kavya says that she has three male figures supporting her throughout the whole journey which is why she cannot fail in her ambition and will become successful.

The man says that Kavya can say many philosophical things and asks her if she can jump from the window to prove her determination for the job.

Kavya turns the camera to the window and steps close on the edge after which she jumps into the room from the window and happily says that she did what was asked of her.

The man starts laughing and comes to Kavya's room after which they share a hug and the man turns out to be Kavya's fiancé, named Shubh.

Shubh and Kavya encourage each other for their interview after which they leave in the car for the interview and talk with their families through video call.

Kavya is surprised to see her own family with Shubh's and they wish both of them the best of luck for their interview so that they can pass and their marriage can get fixed.

Shubh and Kavya feed each other curd sugar after which their car suddenly gets stuck in a traffic jam.

Kavya saves a man from giving up his life

Kavya is horrified to spot a man trying to jump from a construction building with a crowd gathered outside while Shubh says that they do not have the time to bother about such things.

However, Kavya gets certain flashbacks about a girl giving her life by committing suicide and presses her watch after which she asks Shubh to go as it is his last attempt.

Kavya runs toward the building and enters the construction despite police stopping her after which she comes to the spot where the man is standing.

The man gets startled on seeing Kavya but Kavya says that she has just come to get some fresh air and asks the man to continue with his business.

Kavya tells the man that he will not die if he jumps from that height which makes him frustrated and he asks her to leave.

As Kavya asks the man what issue he is facing, he tells her that his loan was rejected even before his paper was read by the bank and now he has no means to start his dream business.

Kavya calls Shubh's father and gets the number of Kailash Kaushal who is the bank manager of the bank and calls him to let him know about this man.

Kailash gets irritated to get the call at first but as Kavya introduces herself and the situation, she asks Kailash to look at Vimal's papers once or else he will face criticism.

Kavya gets a shock at her interview

With the manager agreeing and asking Vimal to send his papers, Kavya solves the problem and saves Vimal from committing suicide.

Later, Kavya reaches the interview and requests the attendant to let her in even though her name has been called once already.

Shubh comes out after giving his interview and motivates Kavya to do well after which she goes inside the room and is stunned to see Kailash Kaushal as an interviewer.

Kailash continuously targets Kavya to take revenge on her due to that phone call but Kavya tells them that she thinks IAS is a means to help all those families who do not have any doors open for them.

Kavya tells a story about a daughter who was accused of malpractice after becoming a doctor even though it was the medicines that were fake and how it led her to commit suicide.

The interviewers are fascinated with Kavya's practical answers after which another man smiles at her and steps inside as the next candidate.

Kavya gets engaged to Shubh

After one month, Kavya gets forced to wake up by her mother because of her engagement with Shubh but Kavya is concerned with her results.

Kavya's dad gets emotional as the topic shifts to his dead daughter, Navya, who was the girl who committed suicide years ago.

Kavya assures her father that she is very happy with what she is doing as he asks her if he is pressuring her a lot after which they welcome Shubh's family.

Shubh and Kavya constantly check their phones for the result of the interview and exchange rings with each other completing their engagement.

Finally, the result comes out and Kavya delivers the good news of her passing the interview which makes the whole family light up in happiness.

However, Shubh throws away his mobile and walks out of the function as he did not get selected on his last attempt too.

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